CFG Tomorow: Thinking About the Future January 2006

We have seen in "CFG Intro," "About CFG," and "CFG Today", as shown on our home page, that the world system is "stumbling" towards a world economy driven by Third World development and not American-lead Western consumption.

The world is of course not a person or living thing and cannot "stumble" in a normal sense, since the world has a body politic but not a body.

By "stumble" we mean that the "actors" in the world are themselves only dimly aware of where they are and what they are presiding over and many of them—we call this Zionomics and Judeocentrism—hope to achieve the exact opposite of what we predict, which is precisely why Iraq came to be invaded.

This is of course a case of "unintended consequences" on a macrohistorical scale.

We predict that current American elites will ultimately "go with the money" and that the current Iraq bloodshed will be retrospectively understood as an adolescent American tantrum and rampage and that at the end of this military mayhem, America will "jump ship" and begin to leave Judeocentrism and Zionomics on the backburner and get into what might be called "developmentalism," whether overtly or covertly or both.

Bush militarism is a kind of developmental militarism which is ultimately not anti-developmental. Anti-developmentalism is fundamentally the neo-con/Israel agenda. The Bush bloodshed is itself a kind of mask or camouflage which hides a globalist agenda underneath the bullying and domination theatrics.

The arc of the Paul Wolfowitz career, from leading neo-con theoretician to the World Bank, encapsulates this evolution.

The Japanese call this kind of political syndrome,"same bed, different dreams."

    We are not implying any of the following theories:

  1. "the long run always wins in the end"(in the way that the great French historian Fernand Braudel (1902–1985) argues in such classic works as his "Mediterranean," Volume II.

  2. the world finds a way to go from sub-optimal pathways to optimal ones…ie the world is a "discovery process" that finds a maximal path.
  3. "the great fact to remember is that the trend of civilization itself is forever upward" as Franklin Roosevelt used to say in his 1940’s speeches, including his Fourth Inaugural Address, January 20, 1945.

Developmentalism will involve intensive Western coordination and negotiations with Arabs, Muslims, OPEC and will move Islamic finance and Islamic banking from the periphery of world development policy and practice more towards the center. The BIS (Bank for International Settlements) Basel, for example, is now intensively exploring both Islamic banking and finance and this is a "straw in the wind" that tells you about "tomorrow."

The IMF quarterly publication, Finance & Development, December 2005, features an article called "Islamic Finance Gears Up," where we find:

"Islamic finance is developing at a remarkable pace. Since its inception three decades ago, the number of Islamic financial institutions worldwide has risen from one in 1975 to over 300 today in more than 75 countries…Total assets are estimated to exceed $250 billion, and are growing at an estimated 15 percent a year…"

Blocking all such West/Third World "re-linking" is the Palestine problem, which is the microcosm of the world's current "traffic jam."

Re-Thinking the World

The purpose of CFG is to rethink the world and hence to rethink "tomorrow."

CFG sees the world as being in a particular historical crisis we will define as follows:

A historical crisis exists when:

1. the future is suddenly behind you.
2. the past is suddenly ahead of you.

The future was to be high-tech "blasting" the West away from the Third World towards "infinite stock prices" and infinite distance from the non-Western world. (ie. cellphones, etc means the West "flies away" from the rest of the world.)

The past—now ahead of you—is the opposite of this: high-tech will be married to "developmentalism," whereby the West "flies into" the rest of the world and the world hybridizes. (cellphones, etc actually means more global integration, not less)

Bush-Cheney belligerence is a militaristic tantrum caught between points 1. & 2. above.

"Tomorrow" will ultimately see the rise of a post-Zionist "developmental world," brought about by American violence, subterfuge, and deception, which are meant to obfuscate what is happening.

The main catalyst and accelerant for this process will involve "taking the ball away" from the Zionist pressure groups by introducing this CFG line of analysis in Washington, London and finally worldwide, ie creating "analytical and conceptual leadership."

CFG Mission:

To analyze globalization, the Middle East & the world-system.

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