Richard Melson

December 2005


The Consulting Center Group (CCG) is the lead provider of management, financial, economic and IT consulting services and solutions. Founded in 1979 by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Dukheil, CCG has emerged as the largest consulting house in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the past twenty four years CCG has provided services to the most prestigious organizations in the Kingdom as well as numerous ministries and government agencies. Providing "International experience with local expertise", the philosophy of CCG is based upon professionalism, impartiality, and integrity.

CCG through its affiliates the Consulting Center for Finance & Investment (CCFI), Center for Statistical Research (CSR) and Computer & Systems & Engineering (CSE) has proven to be among the foremost centers of knowledge and an important player in the Kingdom's economic development.

Dear sir,

Please find attached the CCFI weekly stock market report (KSA),

for the period from 26-11-2005 to 01-12-2005 (pdf).

Thanks & regards,

Economic & Corporate Research Group

The Consulting Center for Finance & Investment

Tel.No. 966-1-478-2525 Extn. 281

Fax No. 966-1-476-8021


CCFI weekly SMR 03122005

Attachment: CCFI weekly SMR 03122005.pdf

Gaffar Awad

2005/12/03 Sat.