Richard Melson

December 2005

China Oil Webinar

Argus Presents:
Fuelling the Dragon: The Webinar

Chinese Oil Infrastructure & Distribution

A discussion of Chinese oil infrastructure & distribution

Presented by Jason Feer, Argus Bureau Chief, Singapore
A Free Webinar

December 13, 2005

Two Live Presentations

Presentation 1:
10AM Central (Houston Time), 4PM GMT (London)

Presentation 2:
11AM Singapore Time

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The webinar will focus on the structure of Chinese infrastructure, with a special emphasis on bottlenecks in the supply chain. Other topics will include the current flows of crude oil and products into and around China as well as expected changes to these flow patterns. The webinar will also address the planned expansion of the refining system, the implications of the development of the national oil logistics system on China's crude oil buying patterns and the impact of Russian-Chinese energy ties. Domestic political considerations and competition between the two major oil companies also are having an impact on the development of China's oil infrastructure.

* Learn how Chinese refinery expansion plans will impact China's crude import patterns
* Understand where the bottlenecks are in the Chinese domestic distribution system
* Gain insight into how crude and products flow into and around China and how these flows are expected to change over time
* Discover how crude imports from the FSU could affect Chinese energy trade

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Webinar: Chinese oil infrastructure and distribution, by Argus

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005

Argus Media

Thu, 1 Dec 2005