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December 2005


Investcorp Reports Best-in-Class Performance to Shareholders

Bahrain, December 26, 2005 ---

"Best-in-class" was the theme of the opening address made by Investcorp President and Chief Executive Officer, Nemir Kirdar, at Investcorp’s second annual shareholders meeting, attended by shareholders from throughout the region. Investcorp’s mission, he said, was to be best in class both in investment performance and in client service.

"We take this very seriously," he told the meeting, held at Investcorp’s Bahrain offices. "We will continue to ensure that all four of our lines of business in alternative investments – private equity, hedge funds, real estate investment and venture capital – generate top-quartile results in their respective sectors. We will continue to set the standard for superior client service.

"The Investcorp brand is internationally recognized for its excellent performance in global alternative investments and, with the support of our shareholders, we will maintain and build on this powerful reputation."

The meeting provided shareholders with an insight into Investcorp’s operations and people, market opportunities and strategic outlook. Presentations were made by Investcorp’s Chief Operating Officer, Gary Long, by Chief Financial Officer, Rishi Kapoor, and by many members of Investcorp's management team, after which participants engaged in an active question and answer session.

Shareholders heard from Gary Long about the benefits that investing in alternative investments had provided to sophisticated investors, such as endowments and pension funds, resulting in it being the fastest growing sector of investment management in many markets around the globe.

"Alternative investments, which include private equity, hedge funds real estate investment and venture capital, are today seen as an asset class that is distinct from traditional investments, such as equities and bonds," he said.

"Adding private equity, real estate, venture capital and hedge funds to a traditional investment portfolio can increase overall returns. It can also lower the risk and volatility and help to preserve capital."

Mr Long explained that investors needed to be highly discriminating: "Alternative investments are now a critical component of strategic asset allocation, but this is a specialist area. Investors are looking to providers such as Investcorp that have institutionalised investment processes carried out by experienced teams, each with a thorough understanding of their asset type with a track record as best-in-class providers," he concluded.

About Investcorp

Investcorp is a global investment group with offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain, New York and London. The firm has four lines of business: private equity investment, real estate investment, hedge funds and venture capital. Established in 1982, it now manages total investments in alternative assets of around $9.5 billion.

In Europe, Investcorp and its clients currently own corporate investments that include Polyconcept, the European leader in the development and distribution of promotional gifts, and European leading parking management company APCOA. In the United States, Investcorp and its clients currently own corporate investments that include American Tire, a leading national distributor of tires to the replacement tire market and Source Media, provider of multimedia information to professionals in the banking, financial services and related technology markets.

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Monday, December 26, 2005