Richard Melson

January 2006

Braudel II

Recent Publications:

Lula and Mephistopheles Democracy 4: Brazil needs a new strategy Norman Gall Portuguese - 700kb - English 700kb Espanish 500kb

Braudel Papers 36 Diadema Democracy 3: Frontier violence and civilization in São Paulo's periphery Bruno Paes Manso, Maryluci de Araújo Faria and Norman Gall Portuguese - English

Braudel Papers 35 Strategic Consensus for Latin America Democracy 2: Human Capital and Infrastructure
Felipe González

Braudel Papers 34 Is Democracy Threatened? Latin America's Struggling Institutions
Norman Gall

Braudel Papers 33
"Public Security in Brazil"
By the research staff of the Fernand Braudel Institute of World Economics

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Braudel Papers

July 12, 2006