Richard Melson

January 2006

Explaining the Present



When you visit the home page of Cambridge Forecast Group, the principal picture you see is the one shown on the left. The image depicts three globes touching each other.

Why is this picture anchoring the home page?

The answer is that the three globes or worlds, represent, in our schema, the West, the Third World, and the Zionist world.

The West is blocked from a rapprochment with the Third World because of the Zionist "blockage" and the result is what we call a "traffic jam."

The "cleverness" of Bush-Cheney is that they tried to set up a world where the emerging new relationship between the West and the Third World would have to go via the Zionist World, which is of course against the Third World, against development, against the emergence of Palestine and against any American-Third World rapprochement.

The neo-con/Zionist grouping wanted a dismantling of Middle East states along ethnic and sectarian lines, since, as Cheney’s right-hand man, David Wurmser explained, Arabs and Muslims are basically tribal formations and cannot make use of nation-states. Wurmser and his wife Meyrav are basically working for the Likud and their goal is to "upend" the world for Israel and the neo-cons.

Thus Bush-Cheney tried to square the circle figuring they could perhaps extract benefits from both sides or at worst, find a low-cost way to subjugate the Third World using Zionist leadership and high-tech weapons such as drones, UAV’s, "netcentric warfare", etc…

Military bases everywhere in coordination with a worldwide skein of oil-and-gas pipelines would make the whole world a "choke point" under American command, control, and domination.

At the deepest level, this is why Iraq was invaded under neo-con/Zionist leadership. All of it is based on a profound Bush-Cheney "Ziono-fear," plus the sense that the neo-cons constitute an internal think tank that would show them a way to bypass the Third World, via hyperviolence and bullying.

The basic thrust of CFG is that this unbelievable historical "bum steer" and wilful misdirection on the part of the neo-con/Zionist grouping, will lead, in the end, to a developmental new world order and that the Paul Wolfowitz arc of "failing upwards" from principal White House neo-con to World Bank president, is a signal and sign, ie of the transition from violent subjugation fantasies to developmental details.

Explaining the Present

January 3, 2006