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January 2006


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The Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) was established in 1956 as successor to the Institute of World Economy and Politics which existed from 1925 to 1948 and was headed by Academician E.S.Varga.

Since its inception, IMEMO has become one of the world’s leading research institutes, a highly reputed center for fundamental and applied socio-economic, political and strategic research.

For many years, research carried out by IMEMO has served as a reliable basis for political decision-making. The Institute employs over 400 researchers including 3 members of Russian Academy of Sciences: Nodari Simonia, Vladlen Martynov, Revold Entov; 7 corresponding members: Vladimir Avtonomov, Alexei Arbatov, Vladimir Baranovsky, Oleg Bykov, Alexander Dynkin, Ivan Korolyov, Gennadi Chufrin; 79 Doctors of Science and 212 Candidates of Science (PhD).

Many members of Russian political elite, journalists and representatives of Media business have been on the IMEMO staff, among them former minister of foreign affairs I.S.Ivanov, former ambassador and State Duma deputy V.Lukin, State Duma deputies E.Ambartsumov, V.Sheinis, A.Podberiozkin, N.Narochnitskaya; political scientists I.Bunin, A.Migranian, M.Urnov, V.Kuvaldin and many others.

Since 1956, it has been headed by eminent scholars and political figures, Academicians: Anushavan Arzumanyan, Nikolai Inozemtsev, Alexander Yakovlev, Evgeni Primakov, Vladlen Martynov. From 2000 the Institute has been headed by Academician Nodari Simonia.

Status of the Institute

IMEMO has been founded by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Institute is a non-profit organization which acts within the Charter of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Principles of activities

The mission of the Institute is the elaboration of a reliable analytical basis for political decision-making. The Institute cooperates with federal and regional government bodies, mass media, major public and private companies. In its research, IMEMO takes an independent and uncommitted position.

Summary of Activities

The Institute of World Economy and International Relations conducts research on the following areas:

IMEMO also takes an active part in:

Profsoyuznaya 23 Str.
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