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Muslims and Jews in the World System,

structural crisis of the present

Sep 30 2004, 09:12 AM

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Richard Melson
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September 1, 2004

Understanding this Era:

Muslims and Jews in the World System

In the recent book, Karl Polanyi in Vienna,

Samir Amin, the Dakar-based Egyptian economist says:

"In the 1968-1971 period, the world system entered a phase of structural crisis which continues to this day."

(Black Rose Books, 2000, paperback edition, Amin essay,

" Conditions for Relaunching Development," Chapter 6, page 74)

We will accept this basic intuition and consider the present era to comprise the years 1968-2004 and beyond.

We are interested in the world system as the global "arrangement" that contains the world economy as a component.

Add geopolitical change to the penumbra of the world economy:

Britain left Aden in 1968 and the Gulf in 1971 (leaving the UAE behind) and this means that Samir Amin's 1968-1971 is part of a larger story: the departure of the Brits from the Middle East, leading to the subsequent arrival of the Americans as replacement.

If we posit an "Anglo-American macrohistorical pattern," we should see British imperial history as a prelude to an American echo.

(No one reading about the Churchill/Gen. Maude invasions of Iraq (Mesopotamia) from 1917-1920 can fail to see the Bush/Rumsfeld analogue. Gassing Iraqis from British airplanes was Churchill's 1920 version of "shock and awe", say)

With this backdrop, let us then ask directly:

what is the fundamental nature of the present era, 1968-2004?

To answer this question as simply as possible but not simpler, we would say:

The world system is undergoing a kind of "rotational correction" and faces two historical gateways imposed by Washington-London:


The first embodies the Thatcherite doctrine that the poor have too much money; the second wants to re-colonize the Third World by force and undo the era of decolonization from Ghana 1957 through Hong King 1997, replacing it with re-colonization.

Both of these doctrines, to be blunt, were created by Jews for Anglo-American "ruling groups".

Milton Friedman and the recently deceased Peter Bauer were the Jews behind neo-liberal theory. This governs West/Third World economic relations today and harkens back to 19th century Gladstonian policies (we see again the Anglo-American patterning here) . The so-called Washington Consensus of free enterprise/free trade everywhere pushes this doctrine on the whole world.

The neo-conservative thrust derives from other Jews: Kristol father and son, Zionist pressure groups, Feith, Wolfowitz, Perle, Wattenberg, etc. This line surrounds anti-Arab, anti-Moslem, anti-Third World policies and programs with a "gift wrapping" of Wilsonian idealism.

The neo-conservatives are actually radical Jewish revolutionaries who plan to overturn the current world order/world system and replace it with a US/Israel binary coalition that will conquer and subjugate the Third World, with the thwarting of the Palestinians as the main symbol of this.

The constant demonization of Arafat is part of this desire to delegitimate and marginalize Third World aspirations to nationhood, sovereignity, and development. For these revolutionaries, a Jerusalem (ethically cleansed of Palestinians) should ideally direct and control Washington. That is precisely why the annual "Jerusalem Summits" were inaugurated in October 2003.

In other words, neo-conservatism is ultimately an attempted Jewish activist coup in the world system which attempts to redirect world history itself in a Zionist direction.

America would dominate the world and the Jews (in Israel and Washington) would dominate America and hence America would implement Jewish visions for the future.

How did this situation arise in the first place?

After all, many groups would love to hold the steering wheel of Washington policy in their grasp Why these neo-liberal and neo-con Jews?

The simplest possible answer is this: the ruling wasps (Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld) visualize these Jewish groups as a kind of Manhattan Project II, a Teller/Oppenheimer secret weapon grouping, that will give them "new weapons" in the fight for American hegemony and their own domination.

The Jews are seen as an internal think tank of futurologists that bolsters ruling groups.

In the case of the UK, Thatcher's advisors during her years 1979-1990 were all neo-liberal Jews: Keith Joseph, Nigel Lawson, David Young, etc. Thatcher and these Jewish advisors called Third World proposals for a New International Economic Order "a letter to Santa Claus" and pushed neo-liberal doctrines under the slogan of TINA ("there is no alternative").

Their other slogan was of course, "there is properly speaking no such thing as society". This slogan implies of course, "there is no global society".

In other words: simply stated, the 1970's lead to a semi-collapse of Anglo-American self-confidence. It is this historical panic which lead to a farming out of policy to Jews, whether neo-liberal or neo-conservative.

The world faces these two Jewish-designed "gateways to the future" because traditional ruling groups in America and England fear the future.

They particularly fear the reaction of their "publics" to the anxieties of globalization and its dynamics. This anxiety is precisely what is at the heart of Christian Zionism, to give one example.

The "assignment" for progressive Muslims worldwide becomes:

Take the ball away from these Jews and promote the "rotational correction" in the world system in the direction of Third World development and the replacement of Jewish worldviews by progressive Muslim ones.

Richard Melson