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January 2006

South Bulletin WTO

New Releases:

South Bulletin 117

This issue of the South Bulletin is the final of a two-part

focus on the WTO Hong Ministerial Conference. ...Jan. 2006

South Bulletin 116

This issue of the South Bulletin is the first of a two-part

focus on the WTO Hong Ministerial Conference. ...Jan. 2006

T.R.A.D.E. Analysis - Comments on the NAMA Section of the Hong Kong Ministerial

This note presents a brief assessment of individual elements of the NAMA section of the Hong Kong Ministerial Declaration and highlights possible strategies available to developing country negotiators in the aftermath of Hong Kong ...Jan. 2006

T.R.A.D.E. Analysis - State of Play in the WTO Negotiations: Country Groupings' Positions

This paper presents an overview of the position of various members and groups in the WTO agriculture negotiations. It also provides indication of the views of members with respect to specific issues which have been the main focus of the discussions, under each of the pillars of the Agreement on Agriculture: market access, domestic support and export competition, including provisions on Special and Special Treatment (SDT) under each of them. ...Dec. 2005

Why developing countries need tariffs? How WTO NAMA negotiations could deny developing countries' right to a future,

by Ha Joon Chang (South Perspective Series)

This research, jointly commissioned by the South Centre and Oxfam International, provides strong empirical and theoretical evidence against drastic tariff reductions of the type being proposed in the WTO NAMA negotiations. ...Nov. 2005

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a double issue devoted to the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial conference.

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South Bulletin WTO

Latest issue of the South Bulletin nos. 116 & 117

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006