Richard Melson

July 2006

The Two World Systems

The Two World Systems

In 1632, Galileo published one of the founding classics of modern science, "Dialogue of the Two World Systems" which pits Simplicio against Salviati at the weekend seminar of their friend Sagredo, as they discuss the two antipodal views of basic astronomy and cosmology.

In our time, we also have this kind of a "dialog" as summed up by these two viewpoints:

1. the Zionist view of the world pushed by Israel, the neocons and both the White House and Congress.  Islam is the enemy in this view and the Third World and the UN agents of this enemy.  The world is always and exclusively seen through Jewish eyes, a process we call Judeocentrism

We call Viewpoint 1 Zionomics.

2.  the Third World developmental view of the world, as represented by Cambridge Forecast Group, which sees Third World development and Islamic finance and banking together with deep Arab, Muslim and OPEC participation, as the key to the future. 

In this view, Palestine is the central global issue symbolically and the

blocking of the Palestinians by Israel is the central "cancer on world politics."

Viewpoint number 1, given previously, represents therefore the key structural obstacle in the world-system.

In other words, the whole world, depicted in the rotating image above, is at a world-historical crossroads where the American-lead world will fundamentally choose one of these two views and where Israel's militarism and calculated disruptions will not allow a straddle of the two, which is what Washington might somewhat prefer.