CFG was founded in the late 1970’s.

The two co-founders were Lawrence ("Lance") Feiner of New York City and Richard Melson of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The basic standpoint of CFG from 1979-2013 is that the world system - the dollars, guns, doctrines and deceptions that govern our world - is groping its way towards a new world economy whose engine will be Third World development and not American/Western consumption.

A Tokyo office was established in 1982.

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See some sample Japanese CFG books shown below:

The 1973-2013 structural crisis is basically a kind of world-economy "traffic jam" where the three players, the West, OPEC, and the non-oil Third World (India, China, Brazil and so on) need to "re-link" and travel down the highway of Third World development. The stagflation of the 1970's was an "historical hint" that the old traffic pattern, driven by American/Western consumption, was dysfunctional and blocked. This blockage "caused" the oil shocks.

Politics from 1973-2013 has been an American/G8 set of moves designed to buy time, and wait for a technical "deus ex machina" to bypass the traffic tie up.

This is partly why the 1990's were so feverish: they promised a technological "leapfrog" via computers, nanotechnology, desktop fusion, genomics, robotics,  and so on. CFG interprets this as a kind of Western wishful thinking or escapism.

These dimensions and this "traffic pattern in the global political economy" are explained in many CFG books, such as the one shown below:

Cambridge Forecast Reports:Newsletters & Forecasts

In June 1979, in our first CFG newsletter, Cambridge Forecast Reports, we forecast the industrialization of the Third World - the phenomenon now visible in China, India, Brazil, etc. - as the future driver of the world economy. See below, "Long Term Forecast" for verbatim predictions made in June, 1979.


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