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May 2006

Alliance Global Sustainability


07. April 2006

YES-Central & Eastern Europe

19. March 2006

The University of Tokyo in collaboration with AIT Bangkok will host the AGS Annual Meeting 2006 in Bangkok

14. December 2005

Request for Proposal in Clean Energy for Development

Alliance for Global Sustainability:

The Alliance for Global Sustainability (AGS) is a unique, international partnership between four of the world's leading science and technology universities:

Created in 1997, the AGS today brings together hundreds of university scientists, engineers, and social scientists to address the complex issues that lie at the intersection of environmental, economic and social goals. Together, we seek to meet these challenges through:

Since its inception, the AGS has pioneered a new research paradigm that brings together multi-disciplinary research teams from the partner institutions. Strong, local programs engage faculty, students and senior research staff from across their respective institutes. These research teams have developed a significant body of new knowledge on critical issues in sustainability in the areas of energy and climate, mobility, urban systems, water and agriculture, cleaner technologies and policy and communications.

Since the first set of AGS-sponsored projects was launched in 1997 with support by the Avina Foundation, the AGS has worked with farsighted leaders from global businesses and industries, governments, and NGOs worldwide, to provide innovative and practical solutions to real and urgent environmental problems around the world.

Now entering a new phase, the AGS is building upon the lessons it has learned to embark on a large-scale study aimed at developing near-term scenarios to meet global energy needs while reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental threats. This AGS flagship program, entitled "Near-term pathways to a sustainable energy future", will consist of a series of regional studies that are linked by an integration project.

AGS research has been presented widely in articles published in peer-reviewed journals and public magazines, in books and book sections, in masters and PhD theses, and in working papers around the world (a bibliography of these is under development). In addition, the AGS produces an annual report of its activities, proceedings of its meetings and reports of the Youth Encounter on Sustainability.

* NEW *

YES 2004 Report

Volume 8 (AGS Book Series)
The Technology-Energy-Environment-Health (TEEH) Chain in China
by Karen R. Polenske

Volume 7 (AGS Book Series)
Sustainable Energy Consumption and Society
Personal, Technological, or Social Change?
by Goldblatt, David L.

Volume 6 (AGS Book Series)
ECODESIGN Implementation
A Systematic Guidance on Integrating Environmental Considerations into Product Development
by Wimmer, Wolfgang, Zust, Rainer, Lee, Kun-Mo

Volume 5 (AGS Book Series)
From Understanding to Action
Sustainable Urban Development in Medium-Sized Cities in Africa and Latin America
Edited by Marco Keiner (ETH-Zurich), Christopher Zegras (MIT), Willy A. Schmid (ETH-Zurich), Diego Salmeron (ETH-Zurich)


May 3, 2006