Richard Melson

November 2006


US freefall in the MidEast


Watch 3 new (& one earlier, posted in September) clips from the new political documentary, BREAKDOWN, about the rise & freefall of US Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Why the long war? How did we get here, what’s next and how to get out?

If we don’t learn from the past and present we will always inflict on ourselves and others the tragedies of past and present. With this US Administration, as with previous US Democratic and Republic Administrations, history has repeated itself vis a vis one of the world’s most important and strategic regions, but now the policy is in freefall resulting in mass Terror that we are supposed to be combating.

There is hope and policy correction – regardless of political affiliation -- where there is information and awareness. Breakdown seriously and uniquely wraps the evidence and facts in context, connects the dots and finds the truth.

If you’d like more information or if you would like to view new film clips, please visit or click on You Tube links below, your feedback is welcome: [trailer 8: Iraq] [trailer 3: Accountability] [trailer 4: Iran]

More clips will be posted this weekend! Email: for more information about how to obtain a copy of the new film.

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