Richard Melson

January 2006

Cambridge Arab Media Project

Cambridge Arab Media Project
Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

University of Cambridge

Media Ethics in Arab Satellite Broadcasting


The 4th Arab media conference , 12-13 July 2006

Cambridge - UK

The Cambridge Arab Media Project was established following the success of three conferences on the Arab media in 2001 and 2004. The Project encourages research into the Arab media and provides researchers and media professionals with an open and neutral platform for debate.

A range of CAMP activities bring academics and journalists together to improve communication and understanding between them, and to promote the exchange of ideas and methods in order to benefit both parties. Media professionals are constantly seeking new ways to raise their standards and widen their audience, and researchers need to keep in touch with events on the ground. Together, academics and practitioners can propose and initiate reform within the Arab media on the basis of solid research, as well as debating standards of performance and conduct.


Mr. Khaled Al Hroub

CAMP Coordinator
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Cambridge Arab Media Project

January 25, 2006