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August 2006

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America Plus Israel - Richard Melson (USA). Posted on 9/3/2003 9:37:52 AM.

Sir, ... Richard Melson USA.

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America Plus Israel—Richard Melson USA

Posted on 9/3/2003


What George Bush wants is to establish a kind of Bush dynasty that would outshine the Kennedys.

His father, Bush I keeps saying, ‘watch the Bush boys’! Thus, Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, would perhaps run for president in 2008.

Bush II’s greatest fear is that the Bushes might be ‘jinxed’ by means of conflicts with Israel and the Zionist pressure groups.

The Bush family analysis is that ‘dad’ lost in 1992 to Clinton not because of the economy but because of the loan guarantee flap with Moshe Arens, Shamir and Ehud Olmert. (Olmert is Sharon’s vice prime minister) because he then ‘lost’ the Republican base.

Before the 2000 election, Sharon flew Bush around Israel in a helicopter and explained he could never give up the West Bank since Iraq is a danger ‘on the flank’. President Bush invaded Iraq because:

1. He thought that if he gives Sharon a defeated and occupied Iraq, Sharon would then feel secure and engage in peace negotiations, according to what Sharon told him in the helicopter ride. Bush never understood and still is blind to the fact that Sharon is interested in nuclear domination of the Middle East and a ‘collapsible’ bantustan for the Palestinians, which would eventually ‘evaporate’ and wind up in a ‘Jordan is Palestine solution,’ no bantustan, no Abdullah Peace Plan, no nuclear weapons other than Israel in the Middle East, ‘till the end of time,’ enforced by America.

2. As a secondary matter, it would perhaps give the US more leverage over oil/oil prices, i.e. the Cheney vision. The Feith/Cheney/Netanyahu/Perle/Woolsey group has been strategizing for a while about a wished for Caspian/Russian oil supply/oil pipeline system to replace Opec.

3.It would satisfy the Perle/Netanyahu/Feith/Kristol vision of a ‘permanent campaign’ against Arabs and Muslims. In other words, a ‘clash of civilizations,’ a global civil war, leading to neo-con domination of the American global empire and Israel de facto annexing every inch of the territories and the Golan and winding up with the option of ‘transfer’ for the Palestinians. They also foresaw that this would ‘break’ the Palestinians, once and for all and they would be forced to accept the ‘collapsible bantustan,’ the prelude to ‘Jordan is Palestine,’ discussed above in item 1.

4. Perle/Netanyahu/Feith/Kristol also hoped that the current ‘security architecture’ of the world: US/UN, US/EU, US/Nato would be shattered and replaced by a new architecture, America plus Israel.

Richard Melson