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August 2006

Iraq Water Treatment

Al Wathba Water Treatment Plant upgrades capacity

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Aug. 9, 2006

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Al Wathba Water Treatment Plant upgrades capacity

by Norris Jones

Gulf Region Central District US Army Corps of Engineers

Baghdad, Iraq— For nearly two years, the Al Wathba Water Treatment Plant has been undergoing a $22 million upgrade to bring more fresh, potable water to Baghdad residents.

That facility serves the Rusafa area in northeast Baghdad with markets, businesses, medical facilities, and about 300,000 residents dependent on its output.

"Al Wathba is over 40 years old and the dilapidated, poorly maintained equipment was producing about 1000 cubic meters of drinking water per hour," points out Iraqi project engineer Sadiq with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Central District International Zone office.

"The renovation included state-of-the-art new pumps, pipes, filters, new chlorination system, and new controls for automatic operation. We expanded the plant’s capacity almost 2 times and it is now able to produce 2400 cubic meters of water per hour. Last week we tested the system and immediately started getting ‘thank you’ calls from area residents who appreciate the increased pressure and quantity of fresh water available in their homes and businesses."

Sadiq is pleased with the quality of work and points out the project should be completed in about two months. "Without this investment, Al Wathba would have had to be shut down," he cautioned. "The old equipment could not have continued to handle the demand." Al Wathba pulls in water from the Tigris, purifies it, and then delivers it to a 1000-millimeter water main (about 40 inches in diameter) that serves the northeast quadrant of Baghdad.

"The city now has a 21st century facility that will be a dependable source of water for decades to come," Sadiq concluded. Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Funds (IRRF) paid for the improvement.

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Al Wathba Water Treatment Plant

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