Richard Melson

August 2006

Biodiesel Finance

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September 11-13, 2006 in New York.

Network with the leading ethanol developers, investors, lenders, EPC contractors and other industry players who are looking to do deals in 2006 and beyond.

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The Biodiesel Industry Gathers
For The Second Major
Biodiesel Deal-Making Event!

Network with the leading biodiesel developers, investors, lenders, EPC contractors and other industry players who are looking to do deals and discover:

Pre-Summit Workshop:
The Business Case For Biodiesel
This day-long workshop will feature an excellent faculty of seasoned industry professionals who will offer a comprehensive tutorial in Biodiesel Project Development; from biodiesel growth drivers, Federal and state tax incentives, feedstock availability and price, as well as the key factors of product implementation, plant development and distribution logistics.

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In July 2000, Energy Argus acquired the assets of Fieldston Publications, which included titles covering the coal, emissions and rail industries.

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Wed, 16 Aug 2006