Richard Melson

July 2006

Box That Changed the World

Celebrate 50 Years of Containerization with This Extraordinary New Book

In 1956, Malcolm McLean loaded 58 reinforced highway trailers, with their wheels and undercarriages removed, onto a re-fitted World War II tanker for a six-day voyage from Newark to Houston.

This ingenious move is recognized as the birth of containerization—the "box"—and the cornerstone of efficient international trade as we know it today.

Fifty Years of Container Shipping—An Illustrated History

At over 280 illustrated pages, The Box That Changed the World is a must-have for anyone involved in the international shipping industry. A celebration of the industry spawned by McLean’s inventive idea, this book combines personal narratives, historical detail, and compelling photography to tell one of the greatest business stories of our time.

The Box That Changed the World

The Journal of Commerce

Wednesday, July 19, 2006