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May 2006

Oil Data

Oil in 15 volumes - newly updated

Oil in 15 Volumes 2006 Edition

The volumes include:

OPEC Issues

Oil Stocks

Global Warming and Oil

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Global Oil Report

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Dear Colleague

We have just updated our set of archive books, CGES Oil in 15 Volumes.

This set collates 15 years of in-depth research and expert analysis from our flagship publication, the Global Oil Report.

Available on CD, Oil in 15 Volumes 2006 edition provides you with a valuable and indispensible source of reference for each key sector of the oil industry, ranging from oil production capacity to refining and transportation. Updated to the end of 2005, this unique product allows you access to the Centre's comprehensive and high-quality research based on accurate data.

Whether you are a Global Oil Report subscriber or not, these volumes will provide you with a convenient reference tool for each important aspect of the oil industry. Click here for more information, and the full list of volumes available.

Click here to order the newly updated Oil in 15 volumes for 850.

Alternatively, complete and return the attached form to fax +44(0)20 7235 4338.

Individual volumes are available for 80 each.

Kind Regards

Louise Peacock

Marketing Executive

Tel: +44(0)20 7309 5657

The Centre for Global Energy Studies

is a leading authority on oil market forecasting

and analysis and the economics and politics of energy.

Comments from last year's press cited the
CGES Monthly Oil Report as 'influential':

'..analysts said the CGES report, which forecast oil demand growing by a mere 1.3 pct next year, was serving to further entrench the downtrend in oil prices.' [AFX]

"Unless oil demand growth rebounds strongly in 2006, OPEC will face the need to make output cuts in order to defend prices," the CGES said in an influential monthly report.'(MOR) [AFP]

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Oil in 15 Volumes - newly updated


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