Richard Melson

June 2006

EGOZ & Golani Brigade Israel

Golani Brigade:

Golani Brigade insignia:

Golani Brigade

The Golani Brigade:

Branch: Army Type: Shock troops

Current commander: Moshe Tamir

Colors: Brown beret

Notable commanders: Ariel Sharon

Battalions of the Golani Brigade:

Commanders of the Golani Brigade:

(aka. Brigade No. 1) is an Israeli infantry brigade that was formed February 28, 1948 when the Levanoni Brigade in the upper Galilee was divided in two smaller brigades.

It is one of the most highly decorated infantry units in the IDF.

After the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the Golani Brigade participated in a number of reprisal raids in the first part of the 1950s.

In 1951 against Syria.

In October 1955 in a joint operation with the Paratroopers Brigade against Egypt.

In the 1956 Sinai Campaign the brigade's task was to capture the area around the city Rafah in the Sinai desert.

The symbol of the brigade is a green olive tree with its roots on a yellow background. The colors green and yellow are the colors of the meadows of the Golan Heights, where the brigade was stationed at the time of its creation. The olive tree is known for its strong roots that penetrate and firmly hold the land, thus this symbol was chosen. Early Golani soldiers were farmers, so the strong connection to the land (earth) was important to symbolize. For this reason, Golani's soldiers are designated by brown berets. The brown symbolizes the earth. This is in stark contrast to other Israeli infantry brigades, who display bright colors (purple, bright green, red) and snappy symbols.

In the upper Galilee located north of Haifa at the Golani Junction stands the Golani Brigade Museum commemorating the brigade and its heroes.

Golani is the most veteran IDF brigade and earned a reputation for its die-hard soldiers: who tend to be fearless, impulsive and warm. On the good side, these qualities are expressed in braveness, thoughness and quick response - producing excellent warriors who can handle the hardest situation. Golani is known for its high "warrior comraderie" among the troops and enjoy good reputation among Israeli public. On the bad side, these qualities are expressed in recklessness and lack of discipline. During the late 1990's, two Golani company-size units revolted against their officers, left their posts in the field, and went home. Over 70 were jailed and both companies, one known as the "Mustangs" containing many Sayaret Golani combat veterans, were disbanded.

Golani Brigade is equipped with the heavy IDF Achzarit armored personnel carrier.

As of 2004, Golani operates within the northern border of Israel and in Samaria (north part, mainly Jenin).

During 2004, Golani battalion reinforced the Givati Brigade in the Gaza Strip.

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Golani Brigade & Egoz,  Gaza Strip

June 17, 2006