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April 2006

Futures journal



The journal of policy, planning and futures studies

Z. Sardar
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In terms of citation share within the ISI Economics category, in 2004 Futures was ranked 123 out of 172 and within the ISI Planning & Development category, in 2004 Futures was ranked 33 out of 38.
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Futures® is an international, refereed, multidisciplinary journal concerned with medium and long-term futures of cultures and societies, science and technology, economics and politics, environment and the planet and individuals and humanity. Covering methods and practices of futures studies, the journal seeks to examine possible and alternative futures of all human endeavours. Futures® seeks to promote divergent and pluralistic visions, ideas and opinions about the future. The editors do not necessarily agree with the views expressed in the pages of Futures®.

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ISSN: 0016-3287

Editorial Board

Editor: Z. Sardar

1 Orchard Gate, London, NW9 6HU, UK. , Tel: 44 (0) 20 8201 3193,


Consulting Editors:

Z. Cui Tsinghua University, China
M.W. Davies Merthyr Tydfil, UK
R. Kapoor Alternative Futures, New Delhi, India
J.R. Ravetz London, UK
B.E. Tonn Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA

Review Editor: R. Appignanesi London, UK

Editorial Board:

W.T. Anderson The Meridian International Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA
M. Bilgin Dogus University, Istanbul, Turkey
K-H. Chen Tamkang University, Taiwan
T.J. Chermack Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA
S. Cole Center for Regional studies, SUNY, Buffalo, USA
S. Cubitt The University of Waikato, New Zealand
J. Dator University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
S. Fuller University of Warwick, UK
T. Fuller University of Teesside, UK
F. Goux-Baudiment proGective, Paris, France
T. Gáspár Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
D. Hicks Bath Spa University, Bath, UK
S. Inayatullah Queensland University of Technology, Australia
A. Jenkins Durham University, Durham, UK
M. Marien New York, USA
A. Nandy Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi, India
M. Puglisi Barnsley Council, Barnsley, UK
J. Ramos Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
V.M. Razak State University of New York, Buffalo, USA
J. Serra del Pino Barcelona, Spain
R. Slaughter Queensland, Australia
T. Stevenson Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia



ISSN 0016-3287

Editions: Pergamon - UK



Volume 38, n° 4 (May 2006)

Special Issue: Futures of Bioregions


TONN Bruce, ENGLISH Mary, TURNER Robert - The future of bioregions and bioregional planning, pp. 379 - 381


McGINNIS Michael V. - Negotiating ecology: Marine bioregions and the destruction of the Southern California Bight, pp. 382 - 405

ANKERSEN Thomas T., REGAN Kevin E., MACK Steven A. - Towards a bioregional approach to tropical forest conservation: Costa Rica's Greater Osa Bioregion, pp. 406 - 431

KIRBY Kathryn R., LAURANCE William F., ALBERNAZ Ana K., SCHROTH Götz, FEARNSIDE Philip M., BERGEN Scott, VENTICINQUE Eduardo M., Da COSTA Carlos - The future of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, pp. 432 - 453

LAURANCE William F., ALONSO Alfonso, LEE Michelle, CAMPBELL Patrick - Challenges for forest conservation in Gabon, Central Africa, pp. 454 - 470

DALE Virginia, ALDRIDGE Matthew, ARTHUR Taryn, BASKARAN Latha, BERRY Michael, CHANG Michael, EFROYMSON Rebecca, GARTEN Chuck, STEWART Catherine, WASHINGTON-ALLEN Robert - Bioregional planning in central Georgia, USA, pp. 471 - 498

TONN Bruce, ENGLISH Mary, TURNER Robert, HEMRICK Angela - The future of bioregional planning in the Southern Appalachian Man and the Biosphere region, pp. 490 - 504

MacGREGOR Donald G. - The future of fire in environmental management, pp. 505 - 518

Futures journal

April 2, 2006