Richard Melson

December 2005


"Israel's Trojan Horse"

Date Posted: December 1, 2005

Sharon - "The Single Greatest Blessing Conferred to Arab Terror"

The Arabs, no longer even have to think or plan as to how to destroy Israel - Sharon (together with George W. Bush) have evolved a marvelous plan - "simply give the Arabs an independent, sovereign, Islamic state in 90% of Judea Samaria". Expel from their homes 90% of the Jewish communities of Judea Samaria (West Bank) and transfer their land to this "New Independent Sovereign Islamic State;" and the deed will be done;

not only by the Arabs on the outside of Israel, but with the 5th column support of "the million Arab citizen potential for terror" who will transfer their allegiance to the "New Islamic State."

David Wilder

October 21, 2005

Erev Yom Kippur. There's a flyer floating around titled, "No Forgiveness, No Pardon, No Atonement." Someone wrote to me asking, "I'm confused, I'm sitting in Jerusalem, and everywhere I go, people are talking about selichot, penitence, humility... and yet there are these messages saying Lo N'Shlach.. we won't forgive -- have we changed Jewish theology? Have we decided that we humans are to sit in the place of Dayan HaEmet (the Supreme Judge)? Where is the humility? Where is the ahavat chinam? Where is the whole idea of renewal and rebirth -- for all Jews, in fact, I thought, for the whole world?"

1.The Land of Israel is the homeland of the Jewish People by virtue of our Forefather's legacy.

2. Recognition of a Palestinian State contradicts the very purpose of a Jewish State.

3. An endorsement by an Israeli government of the premise that Eretz Yisrael is the sovereign homeland of an alien people will not obligate the Jewish people.

4. The very notion of uprooting Jewish men, women and children from their homes is an act of brutality, violence and barbarism that is palpably illegal as a violation of fundamental rights of human dignity and liberty.

The world has never witnessed an act of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by a nation upon itself. No nation would tolerate such an action and no democracy would acquiesce to it.

We call upon every coalition party with a sense of duty towards the Jewish People not to share responsibility for such a decision. We call upon the political parties of Israel to deny a majority to any government, which conspires to such action We call upon the citizens of Israel to refuse to participate in this betrayal of trust in any way, do not violate the rules that hold us together as one nation in one state.

We call upon every person and citizen of Israel to avoid taking part in any capacity whatsoever in the criminal acts which the uprooting of Jews represents.

We express our readiness to make our stand in a totally non-violent struggle, against anybody who dares to transfer Jews from their homes. Each one of us is but a link in the chain of generations upon which the fate of the Jewish People is dependent. Therefore, we are obligated to participate in this struggle.

We will not allow the government of Israel to cause a third destruction and a third exile from our land, during our lifetimes.

With the aid of the G-d of Israel, we shall be delivered !

Shalom from GAMLA!

As we all now know, Israel is entering a period of general elections.

These elections, more than those in the past, will bring a clear

choice to the Israeli voters:

The extreme Left-wing, led by Peretz and his new party, Labor; The

left wing Kadima, Sharon's party which represents the "old labor",

meaning those who would like to fight, but feel beaten, and thus are

willing to give in, and the Right, the last bastion of Zionism.

There are many reasons why now we all must enlist in the fight for

Zionism, which we see as the just claim of The Jewish People over The

land of Israel. Our group: "GAMLA Shall Not Fall Again", as usual,

will be in the forefront of that fight.

GAMLA, the head of the umbrella group for all right-wing

extra-parliamentary groups in Israel, puts action before words.

We do not seek praise, we do not seek headlines,

we demand of our activists to focus on our goals, nothing less.

During the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif, GAMLA set up their

offices in a moving trailer, and were visible in the Gush among the

demonstrators. Moshe Leshem, one of GAMLA's leaders, is still being

persecuted by Sharon's police for his guidance and leadership in the


Besides that activity and constant activity inside the Knesset,

GAMLA has a huge presence on the Web.

In fact, before the 1996 elections, GAMLA built the FIRST Hebrew web

site (called then "Emet" - truth).

Since then GAMLA has kept up, in Hebrew and in English, day by day,

updating and making it's influence on the web felt more and more.

Five years ago, GAMLA began it's intelligence newsletter, the one you

have subscribed to, which today sends out important news to over

40,000 subscribers around the world.

Last April, GAMLA started a new web service: SHAME which was built to

document the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif. The web site, in

Hebrew, has over 10,000 documents, gathered by our activists and put

on the web, which list all those who participated in the expulsion,

from the Prime Minister and his yes-men, down to the police, the

army, the media, the politicians, the judiciary, and the companies

who made money from this crime against their own people.

This web is now being translated into English.

You can see the first effort at this URL:



Many of you have generously requested to help GAMLA in this struggle,

some of you as activists, some of you that helped in sending out our

information to others, and many of you who donated money.

We all thank you for all of your support!

In the past, many users complained that GAMLA had no way to donate

money online.

We are happy to announce that we have recently added this option to

our web site, and we now ask all of those who can, and wish to help

by donating needed funding to our cause to go to this link below. The

system is through PayPal, which since it was bought by Ebay is now

more secure and safe!

We wish to thank you all for helping out and promise that every

dollar will mean more activity, more strength, more justice for our

common cause!

Go now to this link:

Many thanks and our blessings!

The GAMLA Staff

Shalom from GAMLA!


Friday, December 2, 2005