Richard Melson

June 2006

Hebron Wall

IDF to rebuild Sharabti Wall Tomorrow

The Jewish Community of Hebron
16 Sivan 5766
June 12, 2006

Hebron Brigade Commander, Colonel Yehuda Fuchs, notified the Jewish community of Hebron that tomorrow massive forces will arrive in the city to rebuild the "Sharabati Wall" in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood. The wall is adjacent to the neighborhood playground. The wall was originally constructed about a year ago in order to allow the Sharabati family to renovate their home which is located only meters from the playground and overlooks the neighborhood. It was from this home that one of the Sharabati sons jumped into the Jewish neighborhood, knife in hand, ready to kill. Fortunately he was apprehended before he had time to hurt anyone. However shortly afterwards the IDF turned him over to the 'terrorist PLO police' who promptly released him and sent him home. In addition, a number of bombs were hurled into the playground from the direction of this house. The Sharabati family hasn't lived in this house for over five years. However the IDF and the Defense ministry decided to allow them to renovate it and then move back in. This, despite the immediate danger to the neighborhood and nearby children's kindergarten. A few months ago part of the wall fell, and presently the IDF intends to rebuild it. In order to fulfill this mission, the IDF notified the community that parts of the neighborhood would be declared a 'closed military zone' for 36 hours: from Tuesday morning at six o'clock until midnight the following day. As a result, the kindergarten will be forced to close for these two days, (which is against the law). Hebron's Jewish community has appealed to the Israeli supreme court, demanding a temporary injunction forbidding closing of the kindergarten and the rebuilding of the wall until the various parties involved meet with Hebron's community leadership, allowing them to reach a reasonable solution without having to build a wall in the middle of the neighborhood. A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement: It is difficult to comprehend why the IDF is so determined to waste so much manpower and money in order to unnecessarily 'protect' the Avraham Avinu neighborhood, while at the same time, refrain from protecting Israelis living in southern Israel, especially those living in Sderot, who are being attacked by Arab-launched missiles by the hour.
Rather than distance the danger of terror from Jewish neighborhoods, the IDF is assisting to bring it closer.
The Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza have declared war on the State of Israel, and the election of Hamas proves this point beyond any doubt. The answer to this war must be 100% clear – decimation of the terror and of the terrorists. Unfortunately the IDF, the defense minister and the prime minister are doing exactly the opposite by permitting a 'terror family' to renovate their home in Avraham Avinu neighborhood, while at the same time, punishing the Jews by building a wall inside the neighborhood. The Hebron community council calls on the IDF and the defense ministry to immediately cancel this decree, and use their time and efforts to defeat the terror plaguing our country and people.

The Jewish Community of Hebron
P.O. Box 105, Kiryat Arba 90100 Israel
Tel: 972-2-9965333; Fax: 972-2-9965304

16 Sivan 5766
June 12, 2006

News from Hebron: IDF to rebuild Sharabti Wall Tomorrow



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Monday, June 12, 2006