Richard Melson

December 2005

Herzliya Conferences

Welcome to the IPS and the Herzliya Conference

The sixth annual Herzliya Conference

will take place between January 21-24, 2006

The Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel's National Strength 19/06/05

The Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Herzliya Conference on "The Balance of Israel’s National Strength (hosen) and Security" is unique among the plethora of Israeli and international conferences. The very concept of "hosen" (Hebrew for strength, endurance, and resilience), used as the central theme of all the Conferences, has become a widely used coin of expression in public discourse and in many official declarations.

Since its inception, the Herzliya Conference has become the annual "summit meeting" of the most influential Israeli and international leaders. Participants at the Conference include: government officials, Knesset members and ministers, senior defense officials, leaders of the Israeli business community, senior academicians, media representatives from Israel and abroad, representatives from various leading Jewish organizations in the Diaspora, dignitaries from abroad and the diplomatic corps in Israel.

The Herzliya Conference is a year-long work cycle which includes the following consecutive stages:

Preliminary research and analysis conducted by task forces and commissioned experts;

The Conference, at which major policy statements and initiatives are delivered, followed by debate on the issues and on the reports presented by the task forces;

An executive summary, presented to key policymakers, summarizing the
Conference's proceedings, findings, and major policy recommendations.

The Herzliya Conferences have given salience to key issues. The first Herzliya Conference was publicly credited for being the first to thrust the geopolitical ramifications of demographic trends as a crucial factor in the negotiating process. Since then, demographic issues have been widely discussed and have become an important part of the national agenda.

The Herzliya Conference has become Israel's center stage for the articulation of national policy by its most prominent leaders: the President, the Prime Minister, the IDF Chief of General Staff, and the leading contenders for high political office. Thus, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon chose to deliver his most important foreign policy speeches, now commonly known as "The Herzliya Addresses", at the Herzliya Conferences. In the third Herzliya Conference he announced his support for the "Road Map"; and at the Fourth Herlziya Conference, he presented for the first time his unilateral disengagement plan.

Central issues that were first raised or emphasized in the Conferences have become part of the public discourse in Israel. The Israeli government authorities have adopted numerous Herzliya Conference reports and recommendations as official policy, in such areas as:


The 2001 Shahak Task Force report that analyzed Israel's long-term deterrence strategy spurred a National Security Council review of the issue.

Foreign Policy:

The 2001 and 2002 Conference plenum explored and debated a wide range of proposals on how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. Some of these initiatives were introduced for the first time at Herzliya, thereby enriching the menu of policy alternatives. The discussions on U.S. and Europe have also aroused the interest of foreign governments.

Economic Policy:

The Ministry of Finance incorporated the 2002 Ayalon Report on leveraging hi-tech industries for Israel's economic growth into the national economic recovery plan.

Public Diplomacy:

An IPS advisory panel on Israel's international legal and media campaigns presented strategies and ideas to improve Israel's international advocacy (hasbara) effort, some of which energized relevant government agencies and NGOs.

Education and Society:

In 2003, the Ministry of Education adopted the 2000 Shoshani Task Force Report on 'Maximum Utilization of Education Systems', thereby increasing efficiency and cutting expenditures.

The Jewish World

The Herzliya Conferences led the way to incorporating Diaspora Jewish concerns and viewpoints into Israel's national security equation as central and permanent components. In doing so, it set an example for others, such as the National Security Council, who followed suit.

Education and Society:

In 2003, the Ministry of Education adopted the 2000 Shoshani Task Force Report on 'Maximum Utilization of Education Systems', thereby increasing efficiency and cutting expenditures.

The Jewish World

The Herzliya Conferences led the way to incorporating Diaspora Jewish concerns and viewpoints into Israel's national security equation as central and permanent components. In doing so, it set an example for others, such as the National Security Council, who followed suit.

The Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) is part of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC). Its objective is to enhance Israel’s national policy and contribute to the upgrading of its strategic decision-making process, through policy-driven research and direct interaction between policy analysts and policy-makers. The IPS deals in: National security, military and strategic affairs, international relations and politics, policy formation, intelligence and governance, the Jewish People and the place of Israel as part of it; economy, technology, science, infrastructure, natural resources and environment, social policy and education.

The annual Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel’s National Security, which has become a key event for Israel’s political, military, intelligence, economic, and social leadership, is considered the center stage for the articulation of national policy. IPS also commissions task forces and advisory panels of highly qualified individuals of diverse outlooks, experience, and expertise. These teams, established on an ad hoc basis or on official government request, provide integrative assessments and policy advice. They function on a nonpartisan, independent basis and their reports are usually submitted and discussed at the Conference.

The IPS has recently published a number of academic monographs relating to key issues on the Israeli strategic agenda, such as: the Future of the Palestinian Leadership, Iranian Defense Doctrine, Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions, and Israeli–US Relations.

Previous Conferences:

The 5th Conference –

2004 Participants

(Partial List as of December 7, 2004)

Mr. Kenneth Abramowitz, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Ms. Nira Abramowitz, Abramowitz Foundation

Mrs. Talia Aharonov, MAALA, Business for Social Responsibility in Israel

Prof. Niv Ahituv, Tel Aviv University

Adv. Liat Ahronson, Siemens Israel

Mr. Oren Ahronson, CEO, Siemens Israel

Ms. Shimrit Alush, Marketing Communications Manager, Siemens Israel

Mr. Eli Amir, Director General, Youth Aliyah Institutions, Jewish Agency for Israel

Ms. Herta Amir

Mr. Paul Amir

Prof. Raphael (Raffi) Amit, Robert B. Goergen Professor of Entrepreneurship, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Yael Andorn, Deputy Director, Financial Department, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Gilles Andreani, Director, Center of Analysis and Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France

Ms. Neomi Antebi, Head of Budget Procurement Unit, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Eyal Arad, President, Arad Communications

Dr. Ruth Arad, Head of Risk Management Control Unit, Bank Leumi

Amb. Gerard Araud, Ambassador of France to Israel

Mr. Arie Arazi, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sir Thomas Arnold, Former Member of Parliament, United Kindgom; Manro-Haydan Trading

Dr. Yuval Arnon, College of Judea and Samarea, Ariel

Mr. Geoffry Aronson, Director, Foundation for Middle East Peace

Dr. Ronald D. Asmus, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Dr. Eytan Bachar, Chief Psychologist, Hadassah Hospital

Mr. Pini Badash, Mayor of Local Council, Omer

Mrs. Shula Bahat, Associate Executive Director, American Jewish Committee

Brig. Gen. (res.) Yosi Bainhorn, Inspector General, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Gadi Baltiansky, Director General, Education for Peace Ltd.

Dr. Micha Bar, Head of Strategic Policy Planning

Adv. Ruth Bar, Assistant to Minister of Defense

Mr. Gideon Bar Lev, Director General, Ministry of Interior

MK Avriel Bar Yosef, Member of Knesset

Dr. Eitan Barak, Department of International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Mitchel Barak, Kidron Strategies Ltd.

Mr. Ehud Barak, Former Prime Minister

Mr. Nir Bareket, Council Member, Municipality of Jerusalem

Dr. Uri Bar-Joseph, University of Haifa

Mr. Nimrod Barkan, Head of Diaspora Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Chanoch Barkat, Managing Director, Apax Partners Israel Ltd.

Prof. Eli Barnavi, Professor, Tel Aviv University

Adv. Shlomit Barnea Fargo, Legal Advisor, Prime Minister's Office

Adv. Bina Bar-On, General Manager, Industrial Cooperation Authority, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment

MK Ronnie Bar-On, Chairman, Knesset Committee

Mr. Ptachia Bar-Shavit, Chief Economist, Financial Immunities

Ms. Rina Bar-Tal, Chairperson, Israel Women's Network

Amb. Pedro Nuno Bartola, Ambassador of Portugal to Israel

Mr. Avinoam Bar-Yosef, Director General, Jewish Policy Planning Institute

Mr. Itzhak Barzilay, Advisor, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Yonatan Bassi, Head of Disengagement Administration, Prime Minister's Office

Prof. Anne Bayefsky, Hudson Institute

Mr. Gary Beaton, Media Director, Door of Hope International

Mrs. Angelika Beer, European Parliament, Germany

Mr. Amnon Beeri-Sulitzenu, Director of Israel Operations, The Abraham Fund Initiatives

Dr. Yossi Beilin, Chairman, Yachad SDI

Mr. Moshe Ben Attar, Director General, Zionist Council, Israel

MK Benjamin Ben Eliezer, Member of Knesset

Mr. Ehud Ben-Aharon, Director, Defense Export Control, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Yosef Ben-Aharon, Former Director General, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Haim Ben-Ami

Dr. Rachel Ben-Ami, Psychologist

Mr. Eyal Ben-Chlouch, Commissioner of Capital Markets, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Mordechai Ben-Dat, Editor, Canadian Jewish News

Prof. Dan Ben-David, Public Policy Program, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Avraham (Shalom) Bendor, Director, Israel Aircraft Industries

Prof. Gabriel Ben-Dor, Head, National Security Studies Center, University of Haifa

Dr. Yariv Ben-Eliezer, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel, Head of Security Studies, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Yael Benjamini, Head, Executive Administration, Bank Leumi

Prof. Yoav Benjamini, Department of Statistics, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Yehudah Ben-Meir, Jaffee Institute for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Yoni Ben-Menahem, Director, Kol Israel Radio

Mr. Yashar Ben-Mordechai, General Manager, Oil Refineries Ltd.

Rabbi Yoel Ben-Nun, Head of Yeshiva, Alon Shvut

Maj. Gen Eyal Ben-Reuven, IDF Commander of the Military Colleges and Senior Field Commander

Dr. Yigal Ben-Shalom, Director General, National Insurance Institute of Israel

Mr. Nissim Ben-Shitrit, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Maj.Gen (res.) Avraham Ben Shushan, Manager, the Fund for Development, Tel Aviv Municipality

Mr. Shmuel Ben-Tovim, Mayor, Kfar Shmaryahu

Mr. Ezra Benyamini, Co-Chairman, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, Jewish National Fund

Mr. Ron Ben-Yishai, Advisor to the President of Israel

Mr. Yoram Ben-Zeev, Deputy Director General, Head of North American Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Howard P. Berkowitz, Blackrock

Dr. Peter Berkowitz, Fellow, Hoover Institution

Mr. Avi Bettelheim, Deputy Editor in Chief, Ma'ariv Daily Newspaper

Dr. Michael Beyth, Chief Scientist, Ministry of National Infrastructure

Mr. Zeev Bielski, Mayor, Ra'anana

Prof. Gideon Biger, Department of Geography, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Tal Bilian, Founder and CEO, Friends of Atidim

Mr. Barukh Binah, Head, Bureau of International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Danny Biran, Chairman and CEO, Elisra Group

Amb. Dr. Robert Blackwill, President, Barbour Griffith and Rogers International; Former United States Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Planning and Presidental Envoy to Iraq

Mr. Nachum Blass, Director, Blass Educational Counselling

Mr. Yoram Blizovsky, Managing Director, Manufacturers Association

Dr. Gavriela Blum, Strategy Advisor, National Security Council

Mr. David Blumberg, Chairman of the Board, Bank of Jerusalem

Mr. Haim Blumenblat, CEO, Daroma-Eidan Hanegev

Ms. Naomi Blumenthal, Chairman, Sub-Committee on Foreign Affairs

Mr. Shlomo Bohbot, Mayor, Maalot-Tarshicha

Mr. Zeev Boneh, International CEO, Taglit birthright israel

Mr. Max Boot, Olin Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Prof. Paul Bracken, School of Management and Department of Political Science, Yale University

Prof. A. Braverman, President, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Ron Breiman, Chairman, Professor for Political & Economic Strength in Israel

Dr. Adi Brender, Head, Public Sector Analysis Unit, Bank of Israel

Dr. Ian Bremmer, President, Eurasia Group

Mr. David Brodet, Chairman, Executive Council, Co-Op the Blue Square

Mr. Shaul Bronfeld, Managing Director, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Brig. Gen.(res.) Shay Brosh, Marine Security Advisor

Brig. Gen.(res.) Pinchas Buchris, Venture-Partner, Apax Partners Israel Ltd.

Mr. Hermann Bünz, Director, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Mr. Jacob Burak, Chairman, Evergreen

Mr. William B. Burke-White, Assistant to Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Amb. R. Nicholas Burns, United States Permanent Representative to NATO

MK Eitan Cabel, Member of Knesset

Dr. Daphna Canetti-Nisim, National Security Studies Center, Haifa University

Prof. Arik Carmon, President, Israel Democracy Institute

Mr. Danny Carmon, Head, Bureau for Coordination, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Tzipa Carmon

Adv. Ram Caspi, Associate, Caspi and Associates

Mr. Ben Caspit, Columnist, Ma'ariv Daily Newspaper

Mr. Dan Catarivas, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Tuli Ceder, President, Ampa Real Estate

Prof. David Chen, School of Education, Tel Aviv University

Adv. Dvorah Chen, Director, Department of Security & Special Affairs, State Attorney's Office, Ministry of Justice

Amb. Youngloung Chen, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Israel

Mr. Hezi Chermoni, President and CEO, Tadiran Communications Ltd.

Mr. Ilan Chet, President, Weizmann Institute of Science

Brig. Gen. (res.) Saul Chorev, Minister's Aide, Ministry of Defense

Prof. Shahram Chubin, Director of Research, Geneva Center for Security Policy

Mr. David Cohen, District Commissioner, Ministry of the Interior

Mr. Eli Cohen, Director General, Ministry of Tourism

Ms. Geula Cohen, Chairman, Uri Zvi Greenberg Heritage Center

Mr. Ilan Cohen, Director General, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Meir Cohen, Mayor, Dimona

Mr. Pinchas Cohen, CEO, Africa - Israel

Sir Ronald Cohen, Founding Partner and Chairman, Apax Partners Israel Ltd.

Dr. Shlomo Cohen, Advocate, Shlomo Cohen & Co.

Mr. Zvi Cohen, Deputy Director General, Personnel, Ministry of Defense

Mr. David Cooper, Director, Government Relations, Canada-Israel Committee

Mr. David Cuikerman, President, Intel Advisors

Amb. Ran Curiel, Deputy Director General, Western Europe, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Ryszard Czarnecki, European Parliament, Poland

Dr. Yaron Dagan, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Joseph Dahan, Chairman, Eldan Rent a Car

Dr. Momi Dahan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Shaike Y. Daliot-Blumberg, Center for Special Studies

Amb. Carsten Damsgaard, Ambassador of Denmark to Israel

Brig. Gen. Eitan Dangot, Military Secretary, Minister of Defense

Mr. Pierre Dassas, President, Dassas Group

Mr. Jonathan Davis, Vice President, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Stockwell Day, Member of Parliament, House of Commons, Canada

Dr. Ilana Dayan, Anchorperson, Israel Television Channel 2

Amb. Sandro de Bernardin, Ambassador of Italy to Israel

Mr. Hervé de Carmoy, European Deputy Chairman, The Trilateral Commission

Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Father Patrick Desbois

Mr. Stefan Deutsch, Director, International Programs and Cooperation, Ministry of Defense R&D

Mr. Isaac Devash, Chairman, Biondvax

Mr. Arie Dichtwald, Deputy Economic Advisor, Ministry of Defense

Adv. Roy Dick, Legal Advisor, National Security Council

Mr. Avi Dickstein, Director, R&D, Jewish National Fund

Mr. Tal Dilyan, Director General, Atidim

Mr. Ra’anan Dinur, Director General, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment

Mr. Ido Dissentchik, Chairman, Globecall

Mr. Mathias Döpfner, CEO and Head, Newspapers Division, Axel Springer

Mr. Amnon Dor, Manager, U.M.S.

Mr. Uri Dori, CEO, U. Dori Ltd.

Mr. Daniel Doron, Director, Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress

Prof. Avraham Doron, The Paul Baerwald School of Social Work, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Ami Dor-On, CEO, Dor-On Consulting

Mr. Gad Dovev, Deputy Director, General Manager Rehabilitation Department, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Aharon Dovrat, Chairman, Dovrat & Co. Ltd.

Amb. Rudolf Dressler, Ambassador of Germany to Israel

Mr. Micky Drill, Project Manager, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (Foundation)- Israel

Prof. Yehezkel Dror, Founding President, Jewish People Policy Planning Institute

Mr. Yehuda Drori, Chairman of the Board of Directors, E.A.P.C

Rabbi Chaim Drukman, Director of the Conversion Administration, Prime Minister’s Office

Amb. Milan Dubcek, Ambassador of Slovakia to Israel

Prof. Yadin Dudai, Head of Department, Weizmann Institute of Science

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, President, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (Hakeren L'yedidut Israel)

Prof. Zvi Eckstein, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Michael Edri, Deputy Chairman, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael

Dr. Linda Efroni, Economic and Legal Consultant

Dr. Taly Eichenwald-Dvir, Tel Aviv University

Amb. Kai Eide, Permanent Representative of Norway, North Atlantic Council

Mr. Michael Eisenstadt, Director, Security Studies Program, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Amb. Tarek El Kouny, Chargé d'Affaires of Egypt to Israel

Mr. Adi Eldar, Chairman, Union of Local Authorities; Mayor, Karmiel

Prof. Rachel Elior, Department of Jewish Thought, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Izhak Elyashive, General Director, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael.

Ambassador Dr. Oded Eran, Israel’s Ambassador to the European Union

Col. (res.), Dr. Reuven Erlich-Neeman, Head of Information Center for Intelligence; International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism

Prof. Chaim Eshed, Head of Israeli Space Society, Israeli Defense Forces

Mr. Nathan Eshel, General Manager, Hatzofe Ltd.

Mr. Ami Even, CEO, Globes

Prof. Yair Evron, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Michael Federmann, Chairman, Federmann Enterprises Ltd.

Dr. Eliezer Feldman, Coordinator of Academic Projects, Nevzlin Foundation; Almog-Yam Holdings Ltd.

Dr. Shai Feldman, Head, the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Marvin C. Feuer, Director, Defense and Strategic Issues, AIPAC

Mr. Shlomo Filber, Corporate Secretary, Israel Railways Ltd.

Dr. Helena Kane Finn, Public Affairs Specialist, United States Embassy, Tel Aviv

Mr. Ranny Finzi, Director General, Beth Hatefutsoth - Nachum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora

Adv. Zvi Firon, Advocate, M. Firon & Co., Law Offices

Mr. Haim Fitoussi, Spokesman, Social Security Department

Mr. Aharon Fogel, Chairman, Ness Technologies, Migdal Insurance Company

Mr. Shlomi Fogel, CEO, Ampa Group Ltd.

Mr. Itshak Forer, Chairman, Ernst and Young Israel

Mr. Hillel G. Fradkin, Hudson Institute

Mr. Gideon Frank, Director General, Israel Atomic Energy Commission

Adv. Miri Frenkel-Shur, Legal Adviser, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Ms. Mira Friedman Hemmo, President, Commercial Industrial Club

Mr. Sami Friedrich, Chairman, Shaldor Ltd.

Mr. David Fuhrer, President & CEO, Neopharm Ltd.

Amb. Maj. Gen. Fumanekile Fumei Gqiba, Ambassador of South Africa to Israel

Amb. Zvi Gabay Former Deputy Director General, Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Adv. Eyal Gabbai, Director General, Government Companies Authority

Mr. Yoram Gabbai, Chairman, Board of Directors, Peilim Investments Management Comp.

Mr. Frank J. Gaffney Jr., President and CEO, Center for Security Policy

Mr. Yossi Gal, Deputy Director, General Economic Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Uzia Galil, President, Uzia Initiatives and Management

Ms. Devora Ganani -El'ad, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (Hakeren L'yedidut Israel)

Dr. Ehud Ganani, President and CEO, Israel Military Industries Ltd.

Dr. Boaz Ganor, Vice Dean, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Benjamin D. Gaon, President and Chairman, B. Gaon Holding Ltd.

Prof. Yehuda Gardus, Director, Ben Gurion Research Institute, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Adv. Moshe Gavish, Advocate, M. Gavish- A.Goldberg

Mr. Jacob Gelbard, CEO, Pelephone

Prof. Yoav Gelber, Head, Herzl Institute, University of Haifa

Amb. Tim George, Ambassador of Australia to Israel

Dr. Gideon Gera, The Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Nir Gilad, Former Accountant General of Israel

Mr. Yossi Gilben, International Energy Consultant, Bellbank Ltd.

Brig. Gen.(res.) Amos Gilboa, Intelligence Consultant, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Carmi Gillon, Mayor, Mevasseret Zion

Dr. Yehoshua (Shuki) Gleitman, CEO, Shrem, Fudim, Kelner Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Gidi Goffer, Chairman, Workers Committee, Ministry of Defense

Col. Achiav Golan, Head, Planning and Budgeting Division, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Gabriel Golan, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Asaf Golan, Managing Director, Minerva Instruction and Consulation

Mr. Marc Gold, Vice President, Maxwell Cummings and Sons Holdings Ltd.

Dr. Moshe Goldberg, Head, Research Technology Base Unit, Ministry of Defense

Dr. Shmuel L. Gordon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Avraham Granot, Political Advisor to the President of Israel

Mr. Shlomo Grofman, Chairman, Grofman Holdings Ltd.

Prof. Joseph Gross, Advocate and Partner, Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak Halevy, Greenberg & Co.

Adv. Zvia Gross, General Counsel, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Danny Grossman, Executive Director, American Jewish Congress, Israel Office

Prof. Shlomo Grossman, Chairman, Council for Higher Education

Prof. Bulent Gulteken, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Shlomo Gur, Executive Secretary, European Union-Israel Forum

Prof. Emanuel Gutman, Department of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Amb. Andras Gyenge, Ambassador of Hungary to Israel

Amb. Dr. Richard N. Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

Mr. Eitan Haber

Mr. Koby Haber, Budget Director, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Yishai Haetzni, Executive Director, the Shalem Center

Prof. Simon Hakim, Department of Economics, School of Business Management, Temple University

Dr. Ramzi Halabi, Director, Arab Israeli Businessmen's Club

Dr. Aviva Halamish, Department of History, Open University

Mr. Efraim Halevy, Head of the Strategic and Policy Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Erez Halfon, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Dan Halperin, Managing Director, Iftic Ltd.

Dr. Miriam Haran, Director General, Ministry of the Environment

Brig. Gen. Ilan Harari, IDF Chief Education Officer

Brig. Gen.(res.) Shalom Harari, International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Jerry Harel

Mr. Yisrael Harel, Columnist, Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper

Adv. Gilad Harish, Director General, Ganon

Mr. Gil-Ad Harish, Chairman, Lasova- Soup Kitchen and Gagon- Home Shelters

Brig. Gen. (res.) Raphael Harlev, Chairman and President, Harlev Investments Management and Consulting Ltd.

Mr. Shai Harmesh, Treasurer, Jewish Agency for Israel

Mr. Norman Hascoe, President, Jewish Institute for National Security

Mr. Israel Hason

Prof. Shlomo Hassan, Deputy Director, Hoershimer Institute for Policy Studies

Mr. Nehemiah Hassid, Advisor to the President, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Maj.Gen Itzhak Havel,

Prof. Jack Haviv, Director, Meyers-JDC-Brookdale Institute

Mr. Avi Hefetz, Deputy General Manager, Marketing and Sales, Israel Railways Ltd.

Brig. Gen. Simon Hefetz, Aid-de Camp to the President of Israel

Mr. Yehuda Heiman, Director, Manufacturers Association of Israel

Brig. Gen. Dr. Ariel Heimann, Chief Reserve Officer, IDF

Mr. François Heisbourg, Director, Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique

Dr. Mark Heller, Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Amb. Kurt Hengl, Ambassador of Austria to Israel

Amb. Patrick Hennessy, Ambassador of Ireland to Israel

Prof. Tamar Hermann, Steinmetz Center for Peace Research, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Roger Hertog, Vice Chairman, Alliance Capital Management Corporation

Mr. Arieh Herzog, Director of Missile Defense Organization, Ministry of Defense

Amb. Bob Hiensch, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Israel

Prof. Arye L. Hillman, Princeton University; Department of Economics, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Richard Hirsch, Co-Chairman, FSU Committee, Jewish Agency for Israel

Prof. Steven Hobfoll, National Security Studies Center, University of Haifa

Prof. Shalom Hochman, General Manager, Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.

Adv. David Hodak, Partner, Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak Halevy, Greenberg & Co.

Dr. Alan Hoffmann, Acting Director General, Jewish Agency for Israel

Mr. David Hollander, CEO, Apreo Ltd.

Mr. Yossie Hollander, Chairman, Jacada

Mr. Zeev Holtzman, CEO, Giza Venture Capital

Mr. Bee'ri Holtzman, Artist

Dr. Neri Horowitz, Director, Senior Civil Service Program, Mandel Leadership Institute

Mr. Gideon Hoshen, Managing Director, Hoshem-Eliav Systems Engineering

Mr. Eli Hurvitz, Chairman and Founder, Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Group

Brig. Gen (res.) Uzi Ilam, Uzi Ilam Consultants

Prof. Efraim Inbar, Director, Besa Center, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Pinchas Inbari, Journalist, Kyodo News-Japan

Mr. Ron Israel, Head of Division, Office of the State Comptroller

Mr. Jeremy Issacharoff, Deputy Director General, Strategic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Igor Ivanov, Executive Secretary, Security Council, Russia

Ms. Irit Izakson, Bnei Izakson Investments Ltd.

Mr. Orni Izakson, Bnei Izakson Investments Ltd.

Mr. Bruce P. Jackson, President, Project on Transitional Democracies

Adv. Lisa Jaimovitz, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, Israel Security Authority

Gen. (Ret.) Jim Jamerson, Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Lockheed Martin Corp.

Dr. Haya Jamshy, Strategic Advisor

Mr. Michael Jankelowitz, Liaison to Foreign Press, Jewish Agency for Israel

Mr. Zbigniew Janowski, Member of Parliament, Poland

Amb. Iztok Jarc, Ambassador of Slovenia to Israel

Amb. Raminder S. Jassal, Ambassador of India to Israel

Mr. Dov Judkowski, Chairman of the Board, Koteret School of Journalism & Communications

Amb. Mona Juul, Ambassador of Norway to Israel

Prof. Charles Kadushin, Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, Brandeis University

Ms. Amalia Kahana-carmon, Author, Member of Hebrew Writers Association and International Pen Club

Mr. Michael Kahanov, Tel Aviv University

Ms. Noga Kainan, President, Israeli Forum for Chief Financial Officers

Mr. Gunther Kaltenbacher, European Parliament, Austria

Dr. Ephraim Kam, Deputy Head, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Ms. Phyllis Kaminsky, Principal, Kaminsky Associates

Mr. Samuel Kaminsky, Consultant, The Rhoads Group

Mr. Israel Kaplan, International Division, Ministry of Finance

Dr. Zvi Kaplan, Director, Israel Space Agency

Adv. Meir Kaputa, Director of State Revenue, Ministry of Finance

Ms. Tatiana Karasova, Head, Department of Israeli Studies, Academy of Sciences, Russia

Dr. Ely Karmon, International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Ms. Miri Katz, Ofir Katz Law Firm

Prof. Ya'akov Katz, Chairman, Pedagogical Council, Ministry of Education

President Moshe Katzav, President of the State of Israel

Mr. Igal Katzenelson, Head of Division, Office of the State Comptroller

Mr. Shimon Katzenelson, Chairman of the Board, Mifal Hapayis, Israel National Lottery

Prof. Moshe Kaveh, President, Bar Ilan University

The Honorable Jacob Kedmi, Director, Radzyner Law School, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Yaacov (Yasha) Kedmi, Former Director of Nativ, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Christoph Keese

Mr. Avigdor Kelner, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Polar Investments Ltd.

Mr. Shimon Kenan, Assistant to President, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company

Mr. Craig Kennedy, President, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Mr. Michael Kenny, Managing Director, Eastronics

Brig. Gen. (res.) Shmuel Keren, Director, Defense R&D Directorate, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Moshe Keret, President and CEO, Israel Aircraft Industry

Mr. Jonathan Kestenbaum, The Portland Trust

Mr. Thorsten Klassen, German Marshall Fund of the United States

Mr. Ab Klink, Member of Parliament, Netherlands

Amb. Harry Kney-Tal, Head, Center for Political Research, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Adv. Irit Kohn, Director, International Department, Ministry of Justice

Mr. Howard A. Kohr, AIPAC

Mr. Roger Koppel

Mr. Danishai Kornbluth, Assistant to Head of Political-Military Bureau, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Alex Kornhauser, CEO, Intel Israel

Mr. Moshik Kovarsky, Strategic Consultant

Mr. David Kreizelman, Foreign Policy Associate, AIPAC

Mr. Avraham Kringel, Deputy Managing Director, Osem Food Industries Ltd.

Mr. Ilan Kroll, Head of PEO, Ministry of Defense

Adv. Haim Krupsky, General Manager, Isracard

Mr. Yossi Kucik, Chairman, Manpower Israel Group

Amb. Dr. Daniel C. Kurtzer, Ambassador of the United States to Israel

Ms. Davida Lachman-Messer, Deputy Attorney General, Economic Affairs, Ministry of Justice

Mr. Amos Lahat, Director General, FSU Division, Jewish Agency for Israel

Col. Guermantes E. Lailari, Chief, CSG USSTRATCOM, United States Air Force

Amb. Dr. Yehouda Lancry, Delegate for International Relations, Alliance Israelites Universelle

Dr. Efraim Laor, Chairperson, GOI Steering Committee for Earthquake Readiness

Brig. Gen.(res.) Ephraim Lapid, Director, Israel Region, Jewish Agency for Israel

Maj.Gen. (res.) Amos Lapidot, Former Air Force Commander, IDF

Prof. Ruth Lapidoth, Department of International Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Amb. Terje Rřd Larsen, Ambassador of the United Nations to Israel

Mr. Shmuel Latko, Advisor, Knesset Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense

Amb. Ronald S. Lauder, President, Jewish National Fund

Mr. Dov Lautman, Chairman, Delta Galil Industries Ltd.

Mr. Yehuda Lavi, Director of Personnel, Ministry of Defense

Ms. Orit Lavi Rishpi , Council Member, Municipality of Herzliya

Brig. Gen.(res.) Aharon Lavran, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Victor Lavy, Department of Economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Col. Amos Lehmann, Assistant to the Chief of General Staff, Strategic Learning Processes, IDF

Mr. Menachem Leibovic, Deputy Chairman, Board of Directors, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, Jewish National Fund

MK Ilan Leibovich, Member of Knesset

Mr. Yechiel Leiter, Chief of Staff, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Yehiel Leket, Chairman, Keren Kayemet L’Israel

Mr. Marc Leland, Co-Chair, Board of Trustees, German Marshall Fund of the United States; President, Marc Leland & Associates

Mr. Nir Lempert, CEO, Channel 10

Mr. Moshe Leon, Chairman, Israel Railways

Dr. Eran Lerman, Director, American Jewish Committee, Israel

Mr. Israel Lerman, Consultant, I.L. Industrial Consulting

Ms. Shoshana Lerman, Executive Secretary

Prof. Natan Lerner, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Dr. Daniel Leshem, Corporate Chief Systems Engineer, Rafael

Mr. Haim Leshem, Head of Division, Office of the State Comptroller

Mr. Aharon Leshno Yaar, Deputy Director General, UN and International Organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Col. (res.) Shmue Letko, Senior Professional Assistant, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee

Amb. Itzhak Levanon, Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations

Mr. Golan Levi, Head, Construction Division, Ministry of Defense

Ms. Lea Levin, Interior Architect

Dr. Ariel Levite, Principal Deputy Director General (Policy), Israel Atomic Energy Commission

Lt. Gen. (res.) Moshe Levy, Chairman, Cross Israel Highway

Mr. Yaakov Levy, Diplomatic Advisor to Speaker of Knesset

MK Avigdor Liberman, Member of Knesset, Chairman, Israel Beteinu Party

Dr. Varda Liberman, Vice Dean, Arison School of Business, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Dr. Alon Liel, International School, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Ms. Rachel Liel, Shatil

Lt. Gen. (res.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, Chairman, Board of Directors, Tahal; former IDF Chief of Staff

Prof. Nadav Liron, Director, S. Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science, Technion

Mr. Arale Livenat, Personal Consultant, International Marketing

Mr. Adi Livnat, Lima Holding

Mr. Doron Livnat, Lima Holding

MK Adv. Eti Livni, Member of Knesset

Minister Tzipi Livni, Minister of JusMinister of Absorption, Housing and Construction

Mr. Yitzhak Livni, Chairman, Channel 2 News Company

Prof. Herbert I. London, President, Hudson Institute

Mr. Dov Lotem, Security Director, Ministry of Defense

Ms. Ruth Lowental, CEO, Sadan-Lowental

Mr. Ron Lubash, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Markstone Capital

Dr. Shabtai Lubel, Director General, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Uri Lubrani, Advisor to the Minister, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Arik Ludke, Manager, British Gas Israel

Dr. Frank I. Luntz, President, Luntz Research Companies

Ms. Limor Luria, National Insurance Institute of Israel

Dr. Eti Luzzatto, Luzzatto & Luzzatto

Mr. Kfir Luzzatto, Luzzatto & Luzzatto

Adv. Uriel Lynn, President, Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Zvi Magen, Head, Nativ, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Oren Magnezy, Prime Minister's Liaison to Knesset, Prime Minister's Office

Adv. Israel Maimon, Government Secretary, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Amir Makov, Chairman, Israel Institute of Petroleum & Energy

Mr. Israel Makov, President and CEO, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Group Ltd.

Mr. David Makovsky, Senior Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Gen. (Retd.) Ved Prakash Malik, President, Institute of Security Studies, Observer Research Foundation, India

Prof. Moshe Many, President, Ashkelon College

Mr. Ohad Marani, Chairman of the Board, Oil Refineries Ltd.

Amb. Valeria Mariana Stoica, Ambassador of Romania to Israel

Mr. Gidi Mark, International Director of Marketing, Taglit birthright israel

Ms. Hemda Mark, Economic Advisor, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Arnon Markus, Managing Director, Yail-Noa Ltd.

Mr. Aharon Marmarosh, Deputy Director General, Procurement and Production, Ministry of Defense

Ms. Mili Marom, Ministry of Defense

Brig. Gen. (res.) Moshe Marom, Director, Creo Israel Ltd.

Mr. Greg Masel, Director General, Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal

Mr. Nissim Matalon, Director General, Keren Karev Educational Program

Adv. Shavit Matias, Deputy Attorney General, Minstry of Justice

Maj. Gen. (res.) Danny Matt, Chairman, Libi Fund

Mr. Joshua Matza, President and CEO, State of Israel Bonds, Development Corporation for Israel

Adv. Miriam (Mikey) Mazar, Chairperson, Bezeq Telecommunications Ltd.

Prof. Adam Mazor, Partner, Adam Mazor, Eli First Architects

Amb. Bogdan Mazuru, Permanent Representative of Romania, North Atlantic Council

Amb. Simon McDonald, Ambassador of Great Britain to Israel

Mr. Scott McHugh, Spiritual Director, Door of Hope International

Mr. Eyal Megged, Author

Mr. Pini Meidan-Shani, Strategic Consultant on Conflict Resolution

Mr. Gideon Meir, Deputy Director General, Media and Public Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Yitzhak Meir, Zionist Council in Israel

Mr. Ran Melamed, Associate Director, Yadid

Mr. Sagi Melamed, Director, External Relations, Tel Hai College

Mr. David Menton, Communications Director, Tamares Group

Mr. David Merage, CEO, Merage Foundation

Ms. Laura Merage, Merage Foundation

Mr. Sallai Meridor, Chairman, Jewish Agency for Israel

Maj.Gen.(res.) Menachem Meron, Manager Director, Iftic Ltd.

Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron, Head, Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Arie Mientkavich, Chairman of the Board, Israel Discount Bank

Dr. Nakagawara Mikiharu, General Director, Liaison Office in Tel Aviv, Mitsui & Co. Ltd.

Mr. Miroslav Mikolasik, European Parliament, Slovakia

Prof. Menahem Milson, Department of Arab Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Amb. Eudaldo Mirapeix, Ambassador of Spain to Israel

Adv. Dan Mirkin, Attorney

Mr. Nissim Mishal, Israel Channel 2

Prof. Shaul Mishal, Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University

Maj. Gen. Yosef Mishlav, Coordinator, Government Activities in the Territories, Ministry of Defense

Amb. Brajesh Mishra, Former National Security Advisor, India

MK. Maj.Gen. (res.) Amram Mitzna, Member of Knesset

Brig. Gen.(res.) Arie Mizrachi, Chairman of the Board, Israel Military Industry

Ms. Michal Modai, Chairperson, Council of Women's Organization in Israel; Honorary President, Women's International Zionist Organization

Minister Lt. Gen. (res.) Shaul Mofaz, Minister of Defense

Adv. Isaac Molho, E.S. Shimron, Molho, Persky & Co. Law Firm

Adv. Oren Mor, Director, Caesarea Edmond Benjamin De Rothschild Foundation

Prof. Moshe Moshe, Vice President, Academic Affairs, Technion

Mr. Eli Moyal, Mayor, Sderot

Mr. Arnon Mozes, Publisher, Yedioth Ahronoth Daily Newspaper

Mr. Aryeh Muallem, Head, Department of Bereaved Families, Ministry of Defense

Col. Timothy Murphy, Military Attaché, United States Embassy, Tel Aviv

Prof. David Nachmias, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Ami Nachshon, President, Abraham Fund Initiatives

Mr. Roni Naftali, Chairman, Mei Eden

Mr. Ami Nahshon, President and CEO, The Abraham Fund Initiatives

Ms. Rachel Naidek Ashken, Spokesperson, Ministry of Defense

Brig. Gen.(res.) Shimon Naveh, Director, Operational Theory Research Institute, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Dr. Emmanuel Navon, CEO, Business Network for International Cooperation

Mr. Shlomo Nehama, Chairman of the Board, Bank HaPoalim

Mr. Uzi Netanel, Chairman, MLL Software and Computer Industries Ltd.

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Finance

Brig. Gen. (res.) Azriel Nevo

Mr. Leonid Nevzlin, Chairman, Nevzlin Educational Fund

Prof. David Newman, Department of Geopolitics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Mr. Mark S. Newman, President and CEO, DRS Technologies

Mr. Dietmar Nietan, Member, German Bundestag

Mr. Yaron Nimrod, Manager, Technology and Projects Division, Oil Refineries Ltd.

Mr. Ofer Nimrodi, CEO, Ma'ariv Holdings Ltd.; CEO, Israel Land & Development Comp. Ltd.

Mr. Yehuda Nirenfeld, Head, Finance and Account Division, Oil Refineries Ltd.

Mr. Meir Nissensohn, General Manager, IBM

Mr. Amiad Niv, Chairman, Land Use Research Institute, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael

Mr. Ofer Nonhoff, CFO, Siemens Israel

Mr. Rami A. Nussbaum, Joint Managing Director, Ashtrom Group Ltd.

Mr. Sari Nusseibeh, President, Al-Quds University

Mr. Norman Olsen, Political Counselor, United States Embassy, Tel Aviv

Mr. David Onn, DRS Technologies

Mr. Tanhum Oren, Director General, Intergama

Amb. Marc Otte, Ambassador, EU Special Representative to the Middle East Peace Process

Ms. Rivka Paluch, Religious Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister

Mr. Marco Panella, Vice President, MedBridge Strategy Center

Mr. Reuven Pardes, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Dr. Sharon Pardo, Department of European Studies, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Mr. Dan Pattir, Executive Vice President, The Abraham Fund Initiatives

Dr. Reuven Paz, Director, PRISM

Mr. Avi Pazner, World Chairman, Keren Hayesod

Mr. Shlomo Pazzy, ASE General Manager, Urdan Industries

Dr. Reuven Pedatzor, Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper

Ms. Vered Peer-Swaid, Social Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister

Prof. Dov Pekelman, Department of Management, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Haim Peled, Chairman of the Board, Herzliya Development Municipal Company

Dr. Alisa Peled, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

MK Shimon Peres, Former Prime Minister, Member of Knesset

Dr. Yoram Peri, Head, Chaim Herzog Institute, Tel Aviv University

Adv. Nechama Perlman, Legal Advisor, Ministry of Defense

Mr. David (Dadi) Perlmutter, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Platforms Group, Intel Corp.

Brig. Gen.(res.) Dan Pessach, Project Manager, Elit

Dr. Joel Peters, Department of Political Science, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Mr. Orni Petruschka, Director General, People's Voice

Amb. Jan Piekarski, Ambassador of Poland to Israel

Dr. Gabriel Pikar

Prof. Yakir Plessner, Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Sever Plozker, Economic Editor, Yedioth Ahronoth Daily Newspaper

Mrs. Mel Polishuk-Bloch, Chairperson, Education, Culture, & Sports Knesset Committee

Prof. Dina Porat, Head, School of Jewish Studies, & The Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Shay Porat, Director, External Relations, Shalem Center

Prof. Moshe Porat, Dean, Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University

Mr. Daniel Posen, Managing Director, Posen Foundation

Mr. Vyetnis Povilas Andriukaitis, Deputy Chairman, Lithuanian Social Democratic Party

Mr. Chaim Pozner, Director, Division of Individual and Social Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs

Prof. Joseph Prashker, Head, Transportation Research Institute, Technion

Mr. Ehud Prawer, Deputy Head, Domestic Policy, National Security Council

Prof. Kenneth Preiss, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Mr. Vittorio Prodi, European Parliament, Italy

Mr. Dan Propper, CEO, Osem Industries Ltd.

Mr. Gad Propper, Group CEO, Osem Industries Ltd.

Amb. Ron Prosor, Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Ron Pundak, Director General, Peres Center for Peace

Mr. Yasser Abed Rabbo, Head, Palestinian Peace Coalition, Member of the PLO Executive Committee

Adv. Dalia Rabin Pelossof, Chairman of the Board, Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies

Adv. Asher Rabinowitz, Senior Partner, S. Friedman & Co.

Mr. Yuval Rachlevsky, Director, Wages and Labor Agreements, Ministry of Finance

Vice Admiral (res.) Michael Ram, Former Commander of the Navy

Mr. Shamay Rappaport, Deputy Director General, Organization and Administration, Israel Atomic Energy Commission

Mr. Ehud Rassabi, Chairman, Knesset Subcommittee for Taxes and Hi-Tech

Prof. Arye Rattner, Dean, Department of Social Sciences, University of Haifa

Adv. Yoram Raved, Managing Partner, Raved, Magriso, Benkel & Co.

Dr. Itzhak Ravid, Center for Military Research, Rafael

Dr. Jacob Razon, CEO, Israel Electric Cooperation Ltd.

Mr. Leon Recanati, CEO, Glenrock

Mr. Alexander Rechter, President, Rechter Enterprises & Investments Ltd.

Col. Miri Regev, Chief Military Censor, IDF

Mr. Gil Reich, Director of Counterproliferation, Israel Atomic Energy Commission

Ms. Nira Reichman, Architect

Mr. Eli Reifman, CEO, Emblaze Ltd.

Ms. Anat Reiner, Director, Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation

Dr. Max Reis

Amb. Dr. Janusz Reiter, President, Center for International Relations, Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Elie Rekhess, Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Rivlin Reuven, Speaker of Knesset

Mr. Paul Révay, European Director, The Trilateral Commission

Amb. Sir Peter Ricketts KCMG, United Kingdom Permanent Representative to NATO

Mr. Shmuel Rifman, Chairman, Ramat-Negev Regional Council

Mr. Roni Rimon, CEO, Rimon Cohen/Weber Shandwick

Ms. Orit Rishpi (Lavi), The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

Ms. Alti Rodal, Historian and Principal Consultant, Consulting and Audit Canada

Mr. Berel Rodal, Vice Chairman, International Center on Non-Violent Conflict, Washington D.C.; President, North American Forum

Mr. Simon Roded, Head, Communications Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Beatriz Rodriguez Salmon, Secretary General, Partido Popular de Madrid

Maj. Gen. (res.) Giora Romm

Amb. Alexander Rondos, Former Ambassador of Greece

Mr. Adi Rosenfeld, Honorary Consul of Slovenia

Mr. Shmuel Rosner, Head, Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper

Mr. Netanel Rotem, Vice Chairman, Third Millenium

Maj. Gen. (res.) Avraham Rotem, Besa Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Stanley O. Roth, Vice President, Asia International Relations, Boeing Company

Maj. Gen. Danny Rothschild, President, Council for Peace and Security; President, Netacs Ltd.

Prof. Avner Rotman, CEO, Rodar Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Haim Rousso, Managing Director, ELOP Ltd.

Dr. Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director, Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council

Dr. Michael Rubin, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research; Editor, Middle East Quarterly

Adv. Ella Rubinek, District Attorney, Israel Bar Association

Prof. Amnon Rubinstein, Dean, Radzyner School of Law, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Ms. Yael Rubinstein

Mr. Zvi Rubowitz, Deputy Director General, Head of Organization and Control Department, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Arie Ruttenberg, CEO, Kesher-Barel McCann-Erickson

Amb. Robert Rydberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Israel

MK Gideon Saar, Member of Knesset, Head of the Coalition

Adv. Yizchack Sabato, Senior Advisor to Director General, National Insurance Institute of Israel

Dr. Robbie Sabel, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Prof. Ezra Sadan, Sadan-Lowental Ltd.

Mr. Sami Sagol, Chairman, Keter Plastic Ltd.

Mr. Meir Sahar, General Manager, Negev Development Authority

Maj. Gen. (res.) Emanuel Sakal, General Manager, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co.

Mr. Amos Samuel, Business Development and Consulting

Minister, Ministry of National Infrastructures

Prof. Shmuel Sandler, Department of Political Science, Bar Ilan University

MK Yossi Sarid, Member of Knesset

Prof. Oded Sarig, Dean, Arison School of Business, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy, Président, Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, France

Amb. Hideo Sato, Embassy of Japan, Tel Aviv

Prof. Leonard Saxe, Brandeis University

Mr. Aharon Scherf, General Manager, ILDCI

Mr. Zeev Schiff, Journalist, Ha'aretz Daily Newspaper

Dr. Aran Schloss, Deputy Dean, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, & Strategy, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Prof. Hillel Schmidt, Dean, School of Social Work and Social Welfare, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Alan Schneider, Director, B’nai B’rith World Center, Jerusalem

Dr. Lior Schohat, University of Haifa

Dr. Jorg Schweikart

Mr. Arie Scope, General Manager, Microsoft Israel

Mr. Daniel Seaman, Director, Government Press Office

Mr. Danny Sebright, Associate Vice President, The Cohen Group

Prof. Zeev Segal, Department of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Amnon Sella, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Royi Sellek, CEO, Idan-Sela Ltd.

Mr. Yair Seroussi, Morgan Stanley Ltd.

Mr. Yitzhak Shadar, Sergeant at Arms, Knesset

Brig. Gen. Ami Shafran, Chief of Minister's Staff, Ministry of Defense

Prof. Ahron Shai, Department of History, Tel Aviv University

Brig. Gen. (res.) Nachman Shai, Senior Vice President, Director General, United Jewish Communities Israel

Prof. Yossi Shain, Head, School of Government, Tel Aviv University; Center for Jewish Civilization, Georgetown University

Prof. Haim Shaked, Director, Middle East Studies Institute, University of Miami

Ms. Ora Shaked

Mr. Yitzhak Shaked, United Jewish Communities

Brig. Gen. Avner Shalev, Chairman, Yad Vashem

MK Silvan Shalom, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister

Dr. Zaki Shalom, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

The Honorable Meir Shamgar, Former President of the Supreme Court of Israel

Prof. Shimon Shamir, Head, Institute for Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Joshua Shani, Vice President, Lockheed Martin Israel

Mr. Ehud Shapira, Senior Deputy CEO, Bank Leumi

Prof. Rina Shapira, Department of Sociology, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Jacob Shapiro, Consultant

Mr. Ezra Shaprut, Assistant to the President, Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.

MK. Natan Sharansky, Minister for Diaspora, Society, and Jerusalem Affairs

Mr. Uriel Sharef, Member of the Board, Siemens Israel

Mr. Asaf Shariv, Head, Communications Division and Media Adviser, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel

MK Omri Sharon, Member of Knesset

Ms. Dorit Shavit, Deputy Director General, Latin America, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Gideon Shavit, Israel Emissary, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael

Mr. Yitzhak Shavit, United Jewish Communities

Ms. Anat Shavit-Malz, Director of Public Relations, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Dr. Shau Shay, Head, Military History Department, IDF

Dr. Nili Shchory, Consultant to the Jewish Agency for Israel

Dr. Yigal Sheffy, Department of Security Studies, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Yacov Sheinin, CEO, Scientific Director, Economic Models

Prof. Aliza Shenhar, President, Emek Yezreel College

Adv. Gilad Sher, Gilad Sher & Associates, Law Offices

Col. Eli Shermeister, National Security College, IDF

Prof. Shimon Shetreet, Department of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Varda Shiffer-Sebba, Director, Mandel Center for Leadership in the Negev

Mr. Dan Shilon, Editor, Koteret

Ms. Tsviya Shimon, Deputy Director General, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Uri Shinar, President, Keshet

Mr. Shlomo Shmelzer, Chairman, Shlomo Shmelzer Group

Brig. Gen. Ophir Shoham, Assistant Head, Plans and Policy Directorate, IDF

Mr. Shlomo Shoham, Commission for Future Generations, Knesset

Prof. Yoav Shoham, Stanford University

MK Abraham Shohat, Member of Knesset

Lt. Gen. (res.) Dan Shomron, Former Chief of General Staff, IDF

Dr. Shimshon Shoshani, CEO, birthright israel Taglit

Mr. David Shoval, CEO, SIBDC

Ms. Kena Shoval

Adv. Eliad Shraga, Chairman, The Movement for Quality Government in Israel

MK Yuri Shtern, Member of Knesset

Mr. Avi Shubert, Spokesman, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company

Mr. Lior Shvinkelstein, Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister

Prof. Fred Siegel, Senior Fellow, The Progressive Policy Institute

Dr. Orna Simhon, Regional Manager, ORT

Mr. Jan Simonssen, MedBridge Strategy Center

Amb. Donald Sinclair, Ambassador of Canada to Israel

Amb. Jill Sinclair, Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Embassy of Canada, Israel

Mr. Max Singer, Founding President, Hudson Institute

Amb. Feirdun H. Sinirlioglu, Ambassador of Turkey to Israel

Mr. Moti Sklar, Director General, Second Television and Radio Authority

Prof. Anne-Marie Slaughter, Dean, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Adv. Ory Slonim, International President, Variety International

Mr. Perry Rowan Smith Jr., Board Member, Door of Hope International

MK Ephraim Sneh, Member of Knesset

Ms. Kathleen Snyder, Door of Hope International

Dr. Neil Snyder, Business Director, Door of Hope International

Amb. Mark Sofer, Deputy Director General for Central Europe and Euro-Asia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Reuven Sofer, Deputy Head, D.O.P.P, Ministry of Defense

Prof. Arnon Soffer, Head, Chair of Geostrategy, Haifa University

Prof. Ezra Sohar, Co-Director, Ariel Center for Policy Research

Dr. Meir Sokoler, Deputy Governor, Bank of Israel

Prof. Mordechai Sokolov, President, Afeka – Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering

Mr. Harold Solomon, Heathside Investment Ltd.

Ms. Eta Somekh

Dr. Sass Somekh

Dr. Hillel Sommer, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Ms. Aura Sova-Gindin, Deputy Director General, Ministry of National Infrastructures

Ms. Smadar Spirman, Manager, Emergency Treatment Center, Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality

Ms. Rikki Sprinzak, Editor, Second Television and Radio Authority

Mr. Dave Stapley, Senior Vice President, Marketing, DRS Technologies

Mr. Cyril Stein

MK Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Chairman, Foreign Affairs and Defense Knesset Committee

Mr. Paul Stern, General Partner, Arlington Capital Partners

Mr. Steven E. Stern, Braver, Stern Securities Corp.

Ms. Axana Sternberg, Ronald S. Lauder Foundation

Mr. Michael Straus, Chairman of the Board, Straus Elit Group

Dr. Hanna Swaid, Head, The Arab Center for Alternative Planning

Dr. Mala Tabory, Nativ, Prime Minister's Office

Mr. Dov Tadmor, Chairman, Saridav Investments Ltd.

Prof. Zehev Tadmor, Chairman of the Board, S. Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies in Science, Technion

Adv. Avner Tal, Attorney

Dr. Nachman Tal, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Amb. Mazen Isseddin Tal, Chargé d'Affaires, Embassy of Jordan, Tel Aviv

Brig. Gen. (res.) Dov Tamari, Head, Operational Theory Research Institute, IDF

Brig. Gen. (res.) Doron Tamir

MK Prof. Yuli Tamir, Member of Knesset

Mr. Doron Tamir, Director, Corner Shot

Mr. Israel (Izzy) Tapoohi, General Manager, I.N.Q Soft Ltd.

Amb. Gennady Tarasov, Ambassador of Russia to Israel

Amb. Kyung Tark Park, Ambassador of South Korea to Israel

Mr. Rafi Taterka, CEO Petroluem and Energy Infrastructures Ltd.

Mr. I. Taub, CEO, Bialik Institute

Prof. Mina Teicher, Vice President, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Moshe Tery, Chairman, Israel Securities Authority

Ms. Ronit Tirosh, General Director, Ministry of Education

Mr. Shlomo Tirosh, Chairman, SLT Holding Ltd.

Mr. Haim Topol, Chairman, Jordan River Village

Mr. Shimon Topor

Mr. Akiva Tor, Diaspora Affairs Advisor to the President of Israel

Mr. Jacob Toren, Chairman of the Board, Rafael

Prof. Efraim Torgovnik, Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University

Mr. Imri Tov, Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University

Prof. Shmuel Trigano, Université de Paris

Prof. Ze'ev Tzahor, President, Sappir Academic College

Mr. Chanoch Tzamir, Senior Deputy Director General, Ministry of Immigrant Absorbtion

Ms. Tali Tzour, Advisor to Director General, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael

Brig. Gen. (res.) David Tzur, CEO, Sun Tzur

Amb. Pamir Umit, Permanent Representative of Turkey to NATO

Mr. David Vaish, Economic Advisor, Ministry of Defense

Mr. Pinchas Vallerstein, Mayor, Mathe Benyamin

Mr. Jan Willen van der Hoeven, International Christian Zionist Center

Mr. Ari Vatanen, European Parliament, France

Mr. Yardren Vatikay, Spokesman, Jewish Agency for Israel

Amb. Kari Veijalainen, Ambassador of Finland to Israel

Amb. Jean-Michel Veranneman de Watervliet, Ambassador of Belgium to Israel

Amb. Krinka Vidakovic-Petrov, Ambassador of Serbia-Montenegro to Israel

MK Matan Vilnai, Member of Knesset

Mr. Karsten D. Voigt, Coordinator for German-American Cooperation, Foreign Office, Germany

Mr. Zeev Vurenbrand, CEO, Clalit Health Services

MK Majallie Wahaba, Member of Knesset

Mr. Yair Waide, Deputy General Manager, Finance and Commerce, Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co.

Ms. Anne Walter, United States Embassy in Israel

Lord George Weidenfeld of Chelsea, Weidenfeld & Nicholson

Prof. Gabriel Weimann, Head, Department of Communications, University of Haifa

Mr. David Weinberg, CEO, Beyad Halashon Communications Ltd.

Dr. Yehuda Weinraub, Israel Region, Jewish Agency for Israel

Dr. Kenneth Weinstein, Vice President and COO, Hudson Institute

Adv. Ariel Wiess, Yad Hanadiv (De Rothschild Foundation)

Adv. Dov Weissglas, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister

Mr. Aviram Wertheim, Chairman of the Board, Inspire Investments Ltd.

Mr. Stef Wertheimer, Chairman of the Board, Iscar Ltd.

Dr. Zeev Wiener, The Cohen Harris Trauma Center

Ms. Cecilia Wilkstrom, European Parliament, Sweden

Ms. Nechama Wintman, Spokesperson, University of Haifa

Prof. Robert Wistrich, Chairman, Sassoon Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Meyrav Wurmser, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Middle East Policy, Hudson Institute

Ambassador Gad Yaacobi, Former Minister

Lt. Gen. MosheYa'alon, IDF Chief of General Staff

Mr. Ehud Yaari, Middle East Correspondent, Channel 2 News Company

Prof. Menahem Yaari, President, National Academy of Science

Mr. Aharon Yadlin, Former Minister of Education and Culture

Dr. Glenn Yago, Milken Institute

MK Shaul Yahalom, Member of Knesset

Dr. Alexander Yakobson, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Mr. Arik Yakuel, Head, Planning Division, Israel Police Force

Mr. Elisha Yanay, Senior Vice President, Motorola Inc.

Mr. Israel Yaniv, General Manager, Dor-Alon Energy Israel

Brig. Gen. Ruth Yaron, IDF Spokesperson

Mr. Yehonathan Yassur, Deputy and Acting Mayor of Herzliya

MK Maj. Gen. (res.) Danny Yatom, Member of Knesset

Adv. Ran Yegnes, Advocate

Mr. A.B. Yehoshua, Author

Prof. Yosef Yeshurun, Rector, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Zohar Yinon, Vice President and CEO, Israel Military Industry

Mr. Meir Yoffe, Panim for Jewish Renaissance in Israel

Amb. Jun Yokota, Ambassador of Japan to Israel

Mr. Eliezer Yones, President and CEO, United Mizrahi Bank

Mrs. Yehudit Yoval-Recanati, Chairman, Natal Foundation

Prof. Ephraim Yuchtman Yaar, Head of Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing, Rafael

Mr. Takaji Yuji, Mitsui & Co. (Middle East) E.C.

Ms. Tammy Zadok, Vice President, Media, Marketing, and Communications, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Dr. Zvi Zameret, Director, Yad Ben Zvi

Amb. Michael Zantovsky, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Israel

Mr. Amichai Zarsky, Secretary of the Company, Eilat Ashekelon Pipeline Group

Dr. Idit Zartal, Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Mr. Artur Zawista, Member of Parliament, Poland

Mr. Benyamin Ze'evi, Director, I.L.D.

Mr. Arye Zeiff, Chairman, Dubek Comp.

Mr. Moshe Zeira, CEO, Ministry of Defense

Dr. Yaron Zelekha, Accountant General of Israel

Prof. Phillip Zelikow, Executive Director, The 9/11 Commission; Director of the Miller Center, University of Virginia

Adv. Michael Zellermayer, Advocate, Zellermayer, Pelossof & Co. Advocates

Adv. Amnon Zichroni, Attorney at Law and Notary, Amnon Zichroni

Prof. Zvi Ziegler, Department of Mathematics, Technion

Prof. Ben Zion Zilberfarb, Department of Economics, Bar Ilan University

Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats, Dean Faculty of Law, Bar Ilan University

Mr. Francois Zimeray, Chairman, MedBridge Strategy Center

Prof. Amir Ziv, The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya

Ms. Myriam Ziv, Deputy Director General, Africa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Prof. Hillay Zmora, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Amb. George Zodiates, Ambassador of Cyprus to Israel

Amb. Panayotis Zografos, Ambassador of Greece to Israel

Prof. Arnon Zuckerman, President, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

Mr. Mortimer B. Zuckerman, Chairman and Editor in Chief, U.S. News and World Report

Herzliya Conferences

December 31, 2005