Richard Melson

February 2006

Explaining the CFG Home Page

The West & the Third World

Muslims & Jews in the World-System

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The Cambridge Forecast Group Home Page

( looks as shown above.


The first image shows three worlds or globes abutting.

These three worlds are:

1. The West

2. The Third World

3. Israel and the neo-conservatives.

The site argues that World 3 (ie. Israel and the neo-conservatives in the above schema) is blocking the integration of Worlds 1. and 2. as defined above.

The four thumbnails you see below the "Three Worlds" image give you a "flow chart" of the CFG approach:

1. you examine the world with long-term historical trends in mind.

(the eye looking for intelligence)

2. you ask how the changes affect the world-system (the gears meshing)

3. you map these changes into the Middle East since the

Israel/Palestine problem is the hinge political problem of this era.

4. you triangulate into the future and get a sense of the pathways to the year 2016.

CFG Home Page

March 1, 2006