Richard Melson

March 2006

ICAHD: Israel


The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD),

together with its outreach center Daila

invites you to their next English-language monthly lecture and discussion series in the "Last Wednesday Forum."

The forum is intended to strengthen the dialogue between representatives of the international community and important voices within the critical peace and human rights community in Israel – voices of Israeli NGOs, activist groups and academics seldom heard in official dialogue. The lecture/discussion will be held at the Daila Center on Wednesday, 29th of March, at 7:30 PM.

Jan de Jong, Strategic Planning Consultant working for Palestinian and Israeli Organizations and Institutions, particularly for the Palestinian Negotiations Affairs Department will speak on

"What do Settlements mean for Palestinian Development? The geo-political landscape targeted by Kadima and perspectives in the eyes of Hamas"

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a Special Forum to analyze results of the Israeli elections from a critical perspective on Wednesday, 5th of March, at 5:30pm at the Daila Center.

More details will be forthcoming.

The Daila Center is located at Shlomzion Hamalka Street 4, opposite the Ministry of Interior in West Jerusalem. Donations at the door are welcome.

For more information, please contact Lucia Pizarro: (02) 624-5560 or
Angela Godfrey: (02) 672-8771


Invitation to the LAST WEDNESDAY FORUM

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Sunday, March 26, 2006