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November 2005

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Jerusalem, Thursday, 24 November 2005

22 Cheshvan 5766





Events are moving quickly on the Israeli political scene. Will another leader emerge to match the energy and charisma of Ariel Sharon? Will another leader emerge to present viable alternatives?

Can regions like the Negev and the Galilee be developed without ruining the landscape? Can planners be hired who understand such things as beauty and harmony as well as stark functionality? Can they show increased respect for the land?

For the first time the UN has reprimanded the terrorist organization Hizbullah for attacking Israel. Would this result have occurred without American pressure? Do other countries have a blindness or mental block for seeing the obvious?

It was the Jews who originally made Jerusalem holy; and it was the Jews who clung onto the city throughout the ages despite extreme poverty; and it was the Jews who were discriminated against by the powers who conquered it. This finally ceased when the Jews regained control of the one city that personifies the Jewish people more than any other city on Earth. Should other nations now come to lecture the Jews that Jerusalem does not really belong to them? Have they no shame?

The Rafah Crossing Agreement specifies that EU monitors have a real-time video and data feed to check who is crossing the Egyptian-Gaza Strip border but the Palestinians are objecting to this. The EU like former Secretary U Thant in 1967 meekly complied and are not pushing to enforce this understanding (In 1967 Egyptian dictator Nasser told the UN chief that UN forces were no longer needed as a buffer in the Sinai between Israeli and Egyptian forces. The Six-Day War followed soon after.

A recent report suggests Syria is weakening as a military threat? This is a relative matter as Syria possesses a large arsenal of arms and ammunition, especially chemical weapons. How can an up-to-date accurate assessment be made?

Upcoming Israeli general elections will create some new realities for the political establishment. Will the real issues be addressed? Will there be an improvement in Israel’s standing in the world? Are people concerned about this?

Ariel Sharon’s camp is replacing the concept of "Land for Peace" with "Israeli security for Palestinian independence." Will the Palestinians accept this? Is it a fair exchange?

Thought of the Day

Nobody would think of stealing someone’s watch but stealing another’s original ideas is something else. Is there a difference?

All quotes under "Thought of the Day" as well as all "Issues" and "Leaders" to articles are composed daily by Anthony David Marks and are copyrighted.


(IHC News, 24 November 2005) The UN stands up to Hizbullah and calls a spade a spade - with American promptings. Hizbullah is initiating unprovoked attacks against northern Israel from sovereign Lebanese territory.

By Amihai Zippo

(IHC News, 22 November 2005) Sharon may have bolted the Likud but Attorney Mazuz is hot on his trail pursuing corruption investigations. There will be no respite from the process which is not exactly what a candidate wants. The problem with many Israelis is their admiration for those who can exploit the system. Such people are considered 'clever' and leadership material.

By Anthony David Marks

(IHC News, 23 November 2005) The best way to fight corruption in the Knesset is to rate offenders in a regular published report. Corruption works best when carried out in secret. Exposing it is the antidote

By Amihai Zippor

(IHC News, 24 November 2005) Sharon has established his new political party called Kadima or Kadimah which means forward in English. The man of action is living up to his reputation.

By Amihai Zippor

(IHC News, 24 November 2005) Israel has consistently told the truth about Jerusalem, whereas the Palestinians have consistently lied about the Jewish roots and connection to the Holy City from time immemorial . Therefore, who are the rightful guardians of the city - the city of truth?

By Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen

The Rafah Crossing Agreement reminds one of when in 1967 Gamal Nasser, President of Egypt told U Thant, Secretary General of the UN at the time, to remove all UN troops from the buffer zone in Sinai that had separated Israel and Egypt from 1957; and the UN under U Thant complied without contesting such a request. The Six-Day War followed soon after. Is it all d‚j… vu?

By Manfred Gerstenfeld

This abstract captures the fundamental points about the present war against the Jews. If Jews are not alarmed at what they read, then they are living on another planet. Something must be done to stand up to this organized and unprecedented hatred. The first thing to do is to elect or appoint only people with exceptionally high levels of integrity to all Jewish and Israeli organizations or institutions.

By The American Thinker

The French government has done more to lay the groundwork to bring millions of Arabs/Muslims to France and Europe than any other country - now they are suffering the consequences. The problem leading French intellectuals seem unable to solve is how to get traditional Arabs and Muslims to become French, even hedonists

By Anthony David Marks

(IHC News, 24 November 2005) Amir Peretz may have thrown down the gauntlet and caused the calling of new elections in Israel but Ariel Sharon has picked it up, bolted Likud, started a new political party, Kadima, and is now charging forward to reach out to the electorate. There is still lots of life at 77 years old.

By Esther Zandberg

This author presents a counter argument to the call to develop the Negev and the Galilee. She points to the stark Negev development towns where the "have nots" live. Development without proper planning and the creating of towns without character is a disaster but does it have to be like this? Also, is it not possible for people living in these towns to show more creativity in making their towns more attractive and inviting?

By Ricki Hollander

Israeli aircraft flying over the Gaza Strip at high speeds creating sonic booms are designed to warn Arab terrorists not to attack Israel. The informed BBC does not seem to know this and if they do, they have chosen not to report it. This part of the story has been edited. Oh well, at the BBC they think half a story is better than no story!

By Menachem Persoff

The worth of a person's life can only be assessed after it has concluded. Take for example a situation where a person lived to 90 years old and lead a selfish existence never really caring about anyone else. Yet in his 88th year he suddenly decided to devote all his energies and resources to charitable pursuits. It is not how one starts off in life but the way one concludes it that is significant.

By Mark L. Goodman

This is one of the most remarkable stories in the entire chumash and one that leaves us with some unanswered questions like what was the cause of 127 year old Sarah's death - old age? Why were the local inhabitants of Canaan so abhorred? Which practices were abhorrent to Abraham a man who was so hospitable to strangers? This is a question that all serious Bible readers should answer.

Above leaders written by IHC Staff


By Anthony David Marks

(IHC Editorial, 1 November 2005) One thing is certain about the impact of UN investigations against Syria in the murder of Rafik Hariri. Investigations will open up and report to the world how the Syrians think and operate. From now on, Syria will be under intense scrutiny. They will in effect be on trial before the world.

By Anthony David Marks

The racial riots or uprising in France are one-of-a-kind and the question is how best to confront them - with brute force or with force and understanding?


SHABBAT SHALOM As the Jerusalem sun sets gently on the morrow and a ray of moonlight manages to break through the clouds, the ushering in of another Shabbat is at hand. This is another opportunity to lay down the work tools and embrace the longed for period of rest. Who can deny that taking temporary leave of the mundane will create a little paradise on Earth? And will this inspiration not radiate to people both near and far?

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem

Anthony David Marks


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