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- Kazakh Government Considers Caspian SSea Shelf Strategic Resource: An
Interview with Minister Vladimir Shkolnik

By Inna Gaiduk

Kazakhstan has become one of the most influential states in the Eurasian
space, holding the key place in tackling all major issues of contemporary
world politics in this region. The shelf holds a place of prominence in the
future of the country's oil and gas sector. The results of survey and
prospecting operations conducted in the past few years showed that the main
increases in recoverable reserves and hydrocarbon production should be
expected to come from new fields in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea.
Preliminary estimates put recoverable reserves of Kazakhstan's Caspian Sea
shelf at more than 13 billion tons (100 billion barrels). But the success
of the program to develop the Kazakh sector of the Caspian Sea is
contingent to a considerable extent on the investment climate in the
republic, positive changes in the Kazakh legislation on subsoil use and
taxation issues and on solving the problem of export of the energy

- Chinese Expansion in Uzbekistan

By Ivan Nazarov

Uzbekistan has begun investing in oil and gas sector projects with
financing from the Chinese government. The projects are to be realized
during 2005-2007. Uzbekistan, where oil production has fallen steadily
since 2000, will use the experience and potential of leading Chinese
companies to intensify liquid hydrocarbon production and geological
exploration as well. In exchange for its investments, Beijing will gain
access to new oil resources in the Caspian a key source of energy imports
for China.

- Kazakhstan Invites Onshore Bids

By Maria Yakovleva

In early June the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan
(MEMR) announced open bidding for subsoil rights at 31 onshore hydrocarbon
blocks. Most of these blocks are located in the western part of Kazakhstan,
the area richest in hydrocarbons in the republic. Blocks are offered for
either exploration or a combination of exploration and production.

- Impact of Ahmadinejad Victory on Inteernational Oil and Gas Investment in


- Ukraine Overcomes Conflict with Turkmmenistan, But Not with Gazprom. . .
- ExxonMobil Ready to Pay $30 Million tto Quite Offshore Nakhichevan. . .
- Indian Companies Expand Presence in CCaspian Region. . .
- TNK-BP Exports through Caspian Pipeliine Consortium. . .
- Tub-Karagan: Unsuccessful Drilling Beeing Kepth Secret. . .



- Azerbaijan: UN appeal threat looms onn Ukrainian-Turkmen natural gas deal.
- Iran: Ahmadinejad says he will favor local oil companies.
- Turkmenistan: Niyazov fires head of TTurkmennebitgaz.


- Armenia: ARG increases earnings on riising natural gas consumption.
- SOFAR has $1.6 billion.


- Iran: 20 percent increase demanded foor additional LNG to India.
- Iran: Russian oil swaps proposed.
> - Kazakhstan: Energy Minister targets 1130 million tons of crude export in
ten years.
- . . .while Caspian output expected too double.



- Evraz Group withdraws from acquisitioon plan.
- Iran: Proposal to give a North Pars bblock to Indian companies for
- Kazakhstan: May exercise priority rigght on PetroKazakhstan.
- ÷while regional court decision seizess PetroKazakhstan Turgai holding.


- Azerbaijan: AIOC launches fifth pilott well in Central Azeri field.
- . . .and begins exports from Batumi.<
- Azerbaijan:  SOCAR to request a second D-222 well from LUKOIL.
- Iran: Jufeyr, part of an offer to OVLL, may be a depleted field.
- Iran: South Pars 17 and 18 contracts signed .
- Iran: CNPC and PTTEP are awarded liceenses.
- Kazakhstan: KMG production to 100 milllion tons by 2010.
- . . .as current production levels inccrease.
- Turkmenistan: Development increasing in the Amu Darya River area.
- Turkmenistan: First Unguz Garagum deeep well completed.


- Iran: Costain and ACS win gas refinerry construction contract
- Turkmenistan: Turkmenneftegaz reportss increased liquefied gas production.
- Turkmenistan: LUKOIL considering propposal to upgrade Seidi.



- Iraq: Agreement reached on Iraqi-Irannian oil pipeline.
- Kazakhstan: May export up to 20 milliion tons a year on BTC, expand
- Kazakhstan: CNPC and KMG to expand Keenkiyak-Atyrau pipeline.
- Kazakhstan: CNPC completes Zhanzahol--Kenkiyak pipeline.
- Kazakhstan: CPC raise tariffs.
- Uzbekistan: Zeromax begins constructiion of Gazli-Sarymai.


- Azerbaijan: Kaspar to transport Chevrron crude to Baku.
- Azerbaijan: Kaspar increases transporrt volume.
- Iran: Daewoo contract latest in NITC fleet upgrades.
- Kazakhstan: TCO to increase shipmentss of crude through Ukraine.


- Oil and Gas Production and Exports inn Caspian Region - April 2005

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