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October 14, 2006

Making Fun of Yourself !

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Making Fun of Yourself!

Browsing in Old Papers

Today, in my office at home, I was moving some old papers from their worn cases to new ones I bought in the afternoon. While browsing in them I found a diary entry dating to Sunday, July 1, 1979. That was in Leipzig, Germany, at a time when I had finished my doctoral thesis and was waiting for its presentation (which took place on September 13). It was some two years after I met my wife Ana Mercedes, a year after our marriage, and six months before Ana and I left Germany and went to Costa Rica for the first time.
The first two lines of the entry read as follows:
Today, I decided that starting tomorrow I will solve two problems: I will quit smoking for good and I will start writing on each and every day.
Twenty-seven years later, I read these lines in San José, Costa Rica, and realize that I am still smoking and altough I write more frequently than I did in the past, I am far from being able to write on daily basis.
I discovered how naive I was at that time to make such drastic decisions without sufficient preparation. The paradox became evident and I started laughing at myself and my past decisions.
My daughter Munira, who was with me at that moment, asked what was it what I was laughing at. I told her and we laughed. Then I went to my son Manuel and told him of my absurd but interesting discovery and we laughed.
It is not only healthy to laugh at one´s stupidities, errors, illusions and futile decisions, it also help to learn how to make better and realistic decisions the next time around.

October 5, 2006

Ideas for Poems - Caracas

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Ideas for poems - Caracas: I couldn´t touch your soul / I didn´t walk in your lanes.

October 3, 2006

Software Garage

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Software jumble, software Kuddelmuddel, software Flohmarkt, and last but not least, the software garage…
After some cutting, welding, tweaking, adding and pasting I got the digital clock and date applet working (see top of sidebar).
I also added a style code to paint the scroll bar and spent hours adjusting this socalled classic template I got from WordPress (it was pretty crude upon arrival - still needs a lot of adjustments and changes).
I thought, it would be nice to think about software in garage and jumble market terms. It adds flavour and pleasant informality and makes working with software like going for coffee, ice cream and a chat with a friend at the nearby cafe.
The Software Wizard ………

(Note from Abu Jassim: psst….psssssst!! Well, it is okay with all that stuff of coffee, tea, cakes, ice cream and a chat with a friend at the nearby cafe. I am his friend, but please, don´t believe him. He is not a SW wizard. I am telling him that all the time, but he is stubborn and doesn´t listen to good advice !!!).

September 28, 2006

How much land does a man need?

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How much land does a man need?

The above is the title of the famous short story of Leo Tolstoy.
I am writing a piece about my vision of a home in which I make references to Tolstoy and his short story.
Please come back soon to read the full entry.

Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy
(b. 9 September 1828, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia;
d. 20 November 1910, Astapovo, Russia).

September 26, 2006

A lovely Teaser

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I read the following teaser at a blog hosting site:

This is the place to be, if you are not here, you are not cool.
I rephrase it as follows: you are now at this blog and reading these lines. If you do not come again, then maybe that is because you are not cool. I have no final judgement. I am only saying, maybe… …..

September 24, 2006

Languages of Iraq - Poem (Arabic)

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لُـغــــــاتُ الـعِــــــــراقْ

تلكَ اللغاتْ

أيُ حبورٍ إذ أُقبل مترفقاً بقدمّي وبالأرضِ لأتلقى
في بيـوتِها المُتخلخلة كجيوبٍ ، المُـهندَسـةُ فِـكــراً
حصـيلةَ من نحتـوا بأعمـارهــم مَفـازةَ اللفـظِ
أو أقامـوا في منحـوتةِ اللفـظِ يَطـوونَ ويَبـسـِطونَ صفائحَ من” رذاذِ” عطفـهم على الذاتِ
أو يَلمَـسـونَ هُــدُباً في عينِ الذهـنِ الـسـاجِــرِ
! الرائــي ، كالـمُـتقــدِ تـشــبباً بالإنـدلاعِ الـمُـثير ل : اليـومْ ، اليـومْ ، اليـومْ
تَقارعـتِ الكلمـاتُ الموصُـوماتُ بعلامـاتِ إنتـسـابهـنَ
بخفـوتٍ ، ثقـةً فـي التحصـيـلِ ، فـي شـمولِ المَــدى الـمُـقـاسِ موزونـاً
فـاخــراتٌ يَختلـنَ بنصـاعـةٍ مـن فِكــرهـم ، آبائــي و أُمهـاتــي
، وحملـنَ حتى روائِحَهُـم ، عبـقَ أحاديثِـهـم الجـُــرْد
، فـي الصمـتِ ، وقفـاتٌ للـشـهيقِ ، لإبتـزاز المَـرئـيِّ
أخـذهِ ، إيلائـه كلَ الرغـبـةِ ، ووضعـهِ عاـى المِنَصّـاتِ ، فـي الأركـانِ الأهــمِ بالبيـوتِ
تلكَ اللغــاتْ ، أنا فـي أمانِـهــا ، تبـسـطُ لـيَ نَـهــاراتٍ
تأخُــذُنـي الى بدايــاتِ مـشــاهـدٍ هــي بُؤرُهــا و هــي النهـاياتُ
هــذا ، أقــولُ : عنــدِيَ الكفـايـةُ أو ما يـزيــدُ
. فلـتــأْخُــذوا أنتــمْ أيضــاً ، بعضَ الكلامِ أمنــاً

أنـور الـغــســانـي                   29 - 5 - 1993


September 22, 2006

Rodin´s The Kiss

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Just to see if this message will be sent to me today, at the end of the day. Just to check whether the email subscription option is really working.
Insert a photo:
rodan.JPG  rodin-the-kiss-small.jpg
Hey, hey, hey, I am also changing the name of the default category from Master to something like Master-NoteBook or just NoteBook. Of course, that is “notebook” because of the lower-case mania of the CSS template I am using. Will change this feature at some date? you bet. 
Stop it. I have to quit. I should be doing some lecture preparation by now and not indulging in such lovely thinking and creating at random……. Boy, we are still at this harsh world, we have not yet arrived at your paradise!!!

September 20, 2006

Blog of Diego Arias

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Diego Arias, one of the talented students of my course “Communication and New Technologies II” at the School of Mass Communication Sciences, University of Costa Rica, is the first to send me his blog address.
Right now, other students are creating their blogs as well, an option for their individual course projects.
Click here and subscribe to the feeds of his blog: 
I think soon I will have to create a category to display addresses of other student blogs.    


September 13, 2006

Seda negra

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Seda negra        

En la otra casa que es el mar,
me atrae el culto de tu mente.
Soy grito apresurado para desvanecer
en el agujero negro de tu ser.

Eres besos duros, el mediodía cayendo
polvo de agua sobre Heredia de las montañas,
calles rectas y vacías,
del silencio de palabras que nada revivan.

Denso mármol, tu amor adentro,
cuerda vibrando en universo descartado.
Eres distribuidora de seda negra:
tu celebre sonrisa y gruesos labios.  

Colección: Poemas para Ana Mercedes, 2006
Poeta: Anwar Al-Ghassani
Escrito en: San José, Costa Rica
Fecha: 10 de junio de 2006
Lenguaje del original: español
Traducido del: —— por: ——
Revisado por: ——-

Ana Mercedes Rodriguez Acevedo 1978
Mi esposa Ana Mercedes Rodriguez Acevedo (a quien dedico este poema y toda la colección) en un campo en Turingia, Alemania, durante uno de nuestros viajes con motocicleta en el verano de 1978.
El poema no hace referencia directamente a este evento pero si a esta maravillosa y extraordinaria chica.

September 10, 2006

A start

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I have been working on creating and adjusting this new blog site since last week. I am not yet through. It will take time to adjust all configuration details. There is time for that and I am not in a hurry. Most important: I can now start writing in this new blog. 
This is a paid hosting and the blog has its own domain name.
I have just imported my entries from the old blog site at:
Stay tuned. Come back again soon. There will be a lot of entries here. 

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