Richard Melson

April 2006

Strategic Assessment

Volume 9, No. 1 April 2006

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The newest issue of Strategic Assessment is now available online.

The lead article, "Hamas's Victory and Israel's Dilemma," by Mark Heller, describes the dilemma that Israel confronts in the wake of the Hamas electoral victory.

Also in this issue:

Hamas: The Agony of Victory, by Shaul Mishal

Fatah's Electoral Defeat: The End of Inertia, by Anat Kurz

"The Pentagon's Revenge" or Strategic Transformation: The Bush Administration's New Security Strategy, by Chuck Freilich

The United States and the Iranian Nuclear Challenge: Inadequate Alternatives, Problematic Choices, by Udi Evental

From the Uranium Mines to Nuclear Weapons, prepared by Ephraim Asculai

Iran's Strategic Missiles, by Yiftah Shapir

What if the United States Fails in Iraq, by Roni Bart

The Military Battle against Terrorism: Direct Contact vs. Standoff, by Gabriel Siboni

I hope you find this issue of interest.

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Moshe Grundman

Director of Publications

The newest issue of Strategic Assessment

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006