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window65: "Torture" is not a pretty word. It conjures up images of sadists, and medieval priests breaking the bodies of their victims.

contrary65: Israelis are famous for calling when they have something they want to say, not when you expect them to call to keep you up to date.

contrary65: This kind of ideology-based inconsistency is terribly damaging to the fight against terrorism.

window65: The most recent polls show approval ratings for the prime minister and the defense minister somewhere below comparable figures for George Bush or Tony Blair.

contrary65: The status of the West Bank, the legality of Israeli settlements there, and eventual prospects for a resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict are tremendously complex issues.

window65: We have heard time and again that Israel wins every war and loses every peace.

window65: There is room for maneuver, and Jews have been polishing their talents for maneuver for at least 2,500 years.

contrary65: From now on, I'll obey laws when they include stuff that makes me happy, and I'll feel free to disobey them (without penalty, of course) if they lack that certain little something.

window65: As soon as the fighting ended, the defense minister established a committee to investigate the military, but not himself.

contrary65: How could anyone run against Shimon Peres for national office and not be considered "a serious candidate"?

window65: This may be juicier than the Clinton White House, if not in the same league as the Kennedy White House.

contrary65: I've become enough of a deterrence-skeptic that I'm instantly suspicious of people who use "deterrence" as a rationale for using maximal military force in asymmetric conflicts.

contrary65: An Iranian President busy blogging would hardly have time or energy to send nuclear-armed missiles our way, rearm Hezbollah, or otherwise destroy the Western world.

window65: The father has paid his dues. He can say what he wants about the war.

contrary65: Nasrallah’s supposed “acceptance” of the resolution in fact contradicts two of its most important operational clauses.

window65: For those of you wanting a more heroic Israel, you are invited to take the next available plane, along with all your sons above the age of 18.

contrary65: I’ll be up there soon with the big boys, bringing ruin on my country and a smile to “the street.”

contrary65: It is rather nice having enemies like Ahmadinejad! How many enemies are so open about their inability to achieve their goals?

window65: If the Syrian front heats up I may be working in the windowless bomb shelter four levels down.

window65: There is no sign on the horizon that we might one day close the book on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

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