Richard Melson

April 2006

Lebanon Brief

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Please find attached the latest edition of our

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"The Lebanon Brief" - for the week ended April 29, 2006.

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BLOM BANK and Byblos Bank were appointed to lead manage new 5 or 7 year EURO TBs denominated in LBP of a size amounting to minimum LP300bn ($200m) under the Ministry of Finance’s objective to enhance public debt management. The new 5-year or 7-year papers are expected to yield 9.25-9.50% or 9.60-9.80% respectively.

The transaction is to be launched by end- February or starting March 2006. BLOM BANK was the first Lebanese bank selected in November 2004 to lead manage sovereign issue and was re-appointed again in June 2005 for managing another eurobond issue.

The Lebanon Brief

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Research Dept

Saturday, April 29, 2006