Richard Melson

December 2005


The Jewish Leadership Movement


Moshe Feiglin

Israel Needs Authentic Jewish Leadership

Finally a Belief Based Leader!
Moshe Feiglin -- The Next Prime Minister of Israel

The G-d Given Opportunity
for a Belief Based Revolution
is at our Doorstep.

Moshe Feiglin,
Founder and President of Manhigut Yehudit,
for head of Likud

If you vote, it is no dream...

Learn more - Special Election Update

Manhigut Yehudit -The Jewish Leadership Movement:

Weekly Update 7th Kislev 5766/ Dec. 8, 2005

Diagnoses the Crisis

Israel lacks Jewish identity and its natural connection to G-d. This has led to moral breakdown in all facets of Israeli life. Learn more...

Identifies the Goal

The time has come to make Israel the authentic Jewish homeland we've dreamed of for millennia -- an Israel motivated and governed by Jewish values and love for every Jew. Learn more...

Formulates the Plan

To provide authentic Jewish leadership for Israel. Manhigut's Prime Minister will lead an Israel based on authentic Jewish values and concepts. Learn more..

Is moving Forward

Reaching out to the People of Israel and connecting them to our goals.

Now's the time to join us! Learn more...

Meet Moshe Feiglin -- Manhigut Yehudit's candidate for Prime Minister of Israel

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Weekly Update - 7th Kislev 5766/ 8th Dec. 2005


Thursday, December 8, 2005