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6. SCHOLARS AND AUTHOR'S ALERTS (writers report on their books, articles, and activities)



New Appointment

The Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center

is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Chuck Freilich as Senior Fellow to the GLORIA team. He will direct the GLORIA Center's programs on U.S. Middle East policy and on Israel's national security policy. Among his activities, he will be writing a book on Israel's national security decision-making process.
Dr. Freilich has served until recently as Israel's Deputy National Security Adviser. He has also been a senior analyst at the Israel Ministry of Defense and a delegate at the Israeli Mission to the United Nations. He has also been executive director of two non-profit groups, the Zahavi and the Golda Meir associations. He will also be a senior fellow at the Belfer Center of Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, and he teaches Political Science at Tel Aviv and Hebrew Universities.
Dr. Freilich holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University, doing a dissertation on "Realism and Messianism; National Security Decision Making in Israel". Born in New York, he immigrated to Israel in 1969.

Table of Contents for MERIA Journal Volume 10, Number 1 (March 2006):
The March 2006 issue of MERIA Journal will be out shortly and sent to all subscribers. The following articles will appear: Ely Karmon, "Al-Qa'ida and the War on Terror after the War in Iraq;" Joshua Teitelbaum and Meir Litvak, "Students, Teachers, and Edward Said: Taking Stock of Orientalism;" Magdi Khalil, "Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Political Power: Would Democracy Survive?;" Mark N. Katz, "Putin's Foreign Policy toward Syria;" P R Kumaraswamy, "Who am I?: The Identity Crisis in the Middle East;" Isaac Kfir, "The Paradox that is Pakistan: Both Ally and Enemy of Terrorism;" Ephraim Inbar, "The Use of Force and Iran's Nuclear Weapons;" Michael Rubin and Patrick Clawson, "Eternal Iran: Themes in Iranian History."

MERIA Journal
is creating a French-language edition scheduled to come out in April 2006. We are looking for good articles in French that deal with the politics, society, history, economics, and other areas of the modern Middle East (twentieth and twenty-first centuries). We encourage authors to submit proposals or queries.

Please contact us ( if you have ideas for articles or know of people who might be good authors, or if you would like to receive a free subscription to the French edition of MERIA Journal.

To see our guidelines for authors, visit

Journal MERIA (Journal d'etude des relations internationales au Moyen-Orient) lance une edition francaise dont la premiere edition est prevue pour Avril 2006. Nous cherchons des articles en francais qui etudient la politique, la societe, l'Histoire, l'economie, et d'autres aspects du Moyen-Orient moderne (le XXe et XXIe siecles). Nous encourageons les auteurs a soumettre leurs propositions et leurs questions. Merci de nous contacter ( si vous avez des idees d'articles, si vous connaissez des auteurs qui pourraient nous convenir, ou si vous souhaitez vous abonner gratuitement a MERIA en francais. Pour consulter nos directives concernant les auteurs, visitez


A. Books

William Polk, Understanding Iraq: A Whistlestop Tour from Ancient Babylon to Occupied Baghdad (I.B. Tauris Publishers, 2006). 240 pages. PB: 6.99. ISBN:

For further information,visit:



Bjorn Olav Utvik, Islamist Economics in Egypt: The Pious Road to Development (C. Hurst & Co, May 2006). 285 pages. HB: $55. ISBN: 1-58826-445-9.

For further information, contact:

B. Journals, Newsletter, Papers

CeMiSS Quarterly, Vol. 4, No. 1 (Winter 2005), is now available in PDF format.

For further information, visit:

East Wind, No. 3 (Winter 2006), an online bulletin put out by the Israel Oriental Society is now available.

For further information, visit:

Insight Turkey, Vol. 7, No. 4 (October-December 2005) is now available.

To read, visit:

International Studies Journal (ISJ), Vol. 2, No. 3 (Winter 2006) is now available.

The journal seeks to promote the scientific purposes of international law, international relations, and political science. It is published in English, French and Persian and is distributed to subscribers worldwide.

For inquiries, subscription information, or publication questions please email:

To read the current issue, visit:

Mideast Monitor (February, 2006), a monthly nonprofit publication devoted to specialized analysis of political developments, issues, and actors shaping the Middle East today, is now available.

For further information, visit:

Nonproliferation Issues (NPI) (February 14, 2006) is a current digest of nonproliferation, arms control, and international security literature.

The latest issue is available at:

Khairi Abaza, "Political Islam and Regime Survival in Egypt," Policy Focus No. 51 (February 2006).

To Download a Free PDF version, go to:

Alon Ben-Meir, "He Charted His Nation's Destiny," January 9, 2006.

For further information, visit:, or contact:

Soner Cagaptay, "Turkey at a Crossroads: Preserving Ankara's Western Orientation," Policy Focus No. 48 (October 2005).

To download a free PDF version, go to: http://www/

Patrick Clawson and Simon Henderson, "Reducing Vulnerability to Middle East Energy Shocks: A Key Element in Strengthening U.S. Energy Security, " Policy Focus No. 49 (November 2005).

To download a free PDF version, go to:

Dan Diker, "Sharon's Strategic Legacy for Israel: Competing Perspectives," Jerusalem Issue Brief, Vol. 5, No. 15-12 (January 2006).

For further information, visit:

Michael Eisenstadt and Jeffrey White, "Assessing Iraq's Sunni Arab Insurgency," Policy Focus No. 50 (December 2005).

To download a free PDF copy, go to:

Dore Gold, "After the Hamas Victory: The Increasing Importance of Israel's Strategic Barrier in the Jordan Valley," Jerusalem Issue Brief, Vol. 5, No. 17-7 (February 2006).

For further information, visit:

Ioannis N. Grigoriadis, "Democratization in EU Foreign Policy Agenda: Lessons from the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and Turkey's EU Candidacy," Insight Turkey Vol. 7, No. 3 (2005), pp. 35-46.

For further information, contact:,

Paul Rivlin, "The Russian Economy and Arms Exports to the Middle East."

For further information, visit:

Barry Rubin, "Getting to Arab Democracy: Dealing with Communalism," Journal of Democracy (January 2006).

For further information, visit:

Barry Rubin, "The World Misread Fatah. Will it Misread Hamas? Take Two," The New Republic On-Line.

For further information, visit:


Abbas William Samii, "The Iranian Nuclear Issue and Informal Networks."

To read, visit:

"Harmony and Disharmony: Exploiting Al-Qa'ida's Organizational Vulnerabilities." A report issued by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. The report is based on a collection of al-Qa'ida documents that have recently been released from the Department of Defense's Harmony Database, this report provides an analysis of al-Qa'ida's organizational vulnerabilities.

For further information, see PDF version at:


A. General:

"The Arab Mind Misconceptions," a collection of sixteen essays, is available at:

"The Arab Mind Medieval Religious Mentality," a collection of eleven essays, is available at: .

The Jerusalem Issue Brief is available online at:

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Newsletter can be accessed at:

To see the new "Kadima" party website, visit:

For a complete listing of Washington Institute publications, visit:

To see various e-blog forums on Middle Eastern issues and others, visit:

"The Urgent Need to Strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime," a Policy Outlook paper for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is available at:


To see the latest issue of Transnational Broadcasting Studies (TBS), visit:

The journal also is available in print from The American University in Cairo Press.

To order an individual copy, visit:

For subscriptions contact:

To see the translation of the Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement _ Hamas, visit:

B. Iran:

The American Iranian Council (AIC) Update is an information resource for US-Iran relations and the efforts of the American Iranian Council to promote dialogue and understanding between the United States and Iran.

The latest updates are available at:


To subscribe to the Jerusalem Issue Brief list, send a blank email message to:

To subscribe to the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association_s Washington office electronic publication, Selected News on Turkey, contact:

To subscribe to the San Francisco Turkish Radio's list to receive news transcripts, announcements, and cultural articles, email: with a single line, "subscribe TurkC-L," or visit the Yahoogroups website at: and click on the "Join" button.

To subscribe to the Saban Center Monthly Policy Analysis E-Bulletin, contact:, or visit:


Funding/Grants/ Fellowships and Employment

July 1, 2006. The Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University is seeking scholars/practitioners for one-year visiting fellowships to be affiliated with existing research projects at the Institute, beginning July 1, 2006. Preference will be given to scholars/practitioners who can make contributions to and/or across themes such as: the financing of terrorism, the role of media in international studies, cultural awareness training in the military, institutions and development, or global climate change. Candidates will be expected to teach one undergraduate course in his/her area of specialty. There is also a possibility of renewal of this fellowship. Closing date for initial review of applications: March 15, 2006.

For further information and a link to the application form, see:

The United States Embassy in Israel is accepting applicants for its Israeli-Arab Scholarship Program (IASP), which offers two-year scholarships to outstanding Israeli-Arab students to pursue graduate programs in the United States during academic year 2007-2008. Applicants must be citizens and residents of the State of Israel. Scholarships are offered in all fields, except medicine, for study towards the master's degree or doctorate. Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic excellence, TOEFL and GRE/GMAT scores, and committee interview. Deadline for submissions: April 30, 2006.

Applications and further information can be obtained at:, or contact:

Writing Opportunities

Insight Turkey's Vol. 8, No. 1 (January-March 2006) is calling for papers on the following topics: Turkey and the EU; Turkey and the Cyprus Issue; Turkish-German/French/Italian relations; Turkish-Iranian relations: A Nuclear Iran? The EU as a security umbrella and the CFSP; European public opinion vis-?-vis Turkish membership; Turkey and the United States; The "Wider Europe" and European Neighborhood Policy; The Black Sea Region; Islam and Democracy; The Clash of Values: Europe and Islam; Immigration/Integration issues; Gender issues in Turkey (honor killings, etc.); and Turkish domestic politics. Alternative topics are welcome, including book reviews to the editor. Deadline for submissions: March 20, 2006.

For further information, visit:, or contact:

April 14-15, 2006. Durham, North Carolina, USA. The 3rd Duke-UNC Graduate Student Conference on Islamic Studies is calling for papers on the theme: "Translating Islam." The aim of this conference is to explore ways in which the issue of translation figures in theories, methodologies, ethnographic, and historiographic dimensions of the study of Islam and Muslim societies. To apply, please send 1) a proposal up to 500 words 2) a paper title and 3) a CV to Submission deadline: March 5, 2006.

For further information, visit:

May 12th-13th, 2006. Chicago, Illinois, USA. University of Chicago, 21st Annual Middle East History and Theory Conference. The Middle East History and Theory Conference provides a forum for students and faculty in the social sciences and humanities to present papers treating Middle Eastern and Central Asian art/architecture, literature, society, history, and politics from the 7th century to the present. Both individual papers and pre-arranged panels can be accommodated. The deadline for the submission of a one-page abstract and CV is February 17th, 2006. Working papers must be received by April 3rd, 2006. Applicants should specify if audio/visual facilities would be needed.

Submitting papers to:

For questions please contact:,,

or visit:

September 7-9, 2006. Salt Lake City, USA. University of Utah. The fourth annual multidisciplinary Middle East & Central Asia Politics,
Economics, and Society Conference is calling for papers. The conference encompasses and encourages interdisciplinary social science approaches to analysis and problem-solving. Selected papers from the conference will be submitted to three social science journals, including the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs
and the Digest of Middle East Studies for publication in late 2006 and early 2007.

Application deadline: March 31, 2006.

Send applications to:, or:

For further information, visit the conference website at:

The Israel Democracy Institute invites scholars of Israeli politics and society to submit articles to its upcoming publication of The Elections in Israel- 2006, the twelfth volume in the series. Articles may be written in either English or Hebrew. It is possible to contact the institute to discuss proposals before submitting. Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2006.

For further information, visit:,

or contact:, or:

The Muslim Public Affairs Journal is seeking articles on Muslim politics and geopolitics with regards to the Muslim world and the Muslim Diasporas. Articles must be between 2500-4000 words. For further information, contact:

Entelequia, the new Spanish-based social science electronic journal is seeking contributions in English and Spanish on different aspects of international relations and the international system. Forthcoming issues would especially welcome theoretically and empirically well founded articles on Islam and the West; Asia and China; Latin America; CIS (ex-USSR); international economics; Europe; regional integration; international organization; and theories of international relations, especially world systems studies. Ideally, statistical and mathematical arguments should be presented as a link to your own website and in such a way that decision makers can get an idea of the essence of the argument in the text without going too much into the details. Articles, should be approximately 8,000 words (maximum 10,000) including sources cited, tables, and graphs etc.

Submissions should be sent in Word

(preferably formatted in Times New Roman 11.0, single spaced), to:,, and

For further information, visit:

The Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (BRIIFS) will be dedicating an issue on the modern history, culture, society, and politics of Iraq. Articles on any subject that touches upon Iraq's past and present, its cultural/religious underpinnings, societal development, economic changes or political structure are welcome. For the purposes of this issue, the editors define modern Iraq as beginning with the mid-seventeenth century and continuing until the present. Each paper (8,000-12,000 words) should be accompanied by an abstract (max. 225 words) and a brief biography. Please do not submit papers currently being considered for publication elsewhere. Submission deadline: April 15, 2006.

Please send submissions to:, or to:

For further information, visit:

EWIC Scholars Database is preparing an expert's database based on the Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures (EWIC) Scholars Database for publication as an online resource for free public access (funded by the International Development Research Center). The databse, scheduled to be up on the web by June 2006, is a listing of over 3,000 scholars from all over the world and from all disciplines whose work focuses on a wide range of issues (economic, social, political, religious, artistic, etc.) relevant to women in Muslim majority societies and to Muslim women in Muslim minority societies. It will connect scholars, students, planners, and activists with each other and with NGO's, governmental agencies, and potential employers.

Those wishing to contribute or to be included in the database should complete the EWIC Scholars Template at:

For further information, visit:



Soner Cagaptay, Islam, Secularism and Nationalism in Modern Turkey: Who is a Turk? (Routledge, first edition, February 2006). 256 pages. HB: $115.00. ISBN: 0415384583.

For further information, visit:



Patrick Clawson and Michael Rubin, Eternal Iran: Continuity and Chaos (Palgrave-Macmillan, March 2006). 256 pages. PB: $24.95. ISBN: 1-4039-6276-6.

For further information, visit:


Saul Silas Fathi, Full Circle: Escape from Baghdad and the Return (Library of Congress, 2005). 630 pages. HB: U.S. $38.95 (Canada $49.95). ISBN: 1-4134-9459-5. PB: U.S. $28.95 (Canada $37.95). ISBN: 1-4134-9458-7. For further information and to order, visit:

James A. Russell (ed.), Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East: Directions and Policy Options in the New Century (Palgrave-MacMillan, February 5 2006). 256 pages. HB: $69.95. ISBN: 1403970254.

For further information, visit:



Muhammad tahir, Illegal dating: A Journey into the Private Life of Iran. For more information, or for a free review copy, contact the Author Press Relations department at 866-308-6235 ext 164. Or visit: .


March 6-7, 2006. Whitehall, London. RUSI. "NATO, the Mediterranean and the Broader Middle East" is the fourth annual NATO-Mediterranean conference to be held at RUSI, and will build on the work of previous years.

For further information, contact:

Spring 2006. Tel Aviv, Israel. The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies in cooperation with the English-Speaking Friends of Tel-Aviv University invites participants to its upcoming mini-seminar, "A Guide to Israel's Middle Eastern Neighborhood." A series of six lectures will cover the complex and constantly evolving relationship between Israel and its neighbors, near and far, thus placing Israel in its broader regional context. The lectures will take place in Hall 001, Max Webb Family School of Languages Building, Ramat Aviv Campus, once a week on Thursday evenings, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

For registration and further information,

contact Ms. Ilana Greenberg at: 03-6409100, fax: 03-6415802.

July 2-6, 2006. Haifa, Israel. Haifa University. The World Congress of Jews from Egypt invites participants to its upcoming congress entitled: 'The Jews from Egypt and Peace Culture." This academic congress to be held at the university and at the Dan Hotel is chaired by writer, Prof. Ada Aharoni, and is promoted by Haifa University, and the "World Union of Jews from Egypt."

For further information and the Registration Form, visit: http://www/

September 14-17, 2006. Haifa, Israel. Meridian Beach Hotel. "Gather The Women," organization, invites participants to its "Gather The Women Mediterranean Congress." It will include panels, workshops, and discussion groups. Leaders and delegates from world women organizations will examine and discuss how women can promote peace in the Mediterranean region, and world peace.

For further information and the registration form, visit:

September 17-21, 2006. Haifa, Israel. Meridian Beach Hotel. The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace invites participants to the 6th IFLAC Mediterranean Congress. Its central theme is: Conflict Resolution, through Bridges of Communication, Literature and Culture. Experts in conflict resolution, leaders, writers, and media will jointly explore the role of culture, literature, and communication in guiding society towards a better world beyond war and terror.

For further information and the registration form, visit:

MERIA Journal Staff

Publisher and Editor: Barry Rubin; Assistant Editors: Cameron Brown, Keren Ribo,
Yeru Aharoni. Turkish representative: Ozgul Erdemli
MERIA is indexed in the SOAS Library in London's Index Islamicus and CSA Worldwide Political Science Abstracts.

MERIA NEWS Volume 10, Issue 2 (February 2006)
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Publisher and Editor: Prof. Barry Rubin
Assistant Editors: Cameron Brown , Keren Ribo, Yeru Aharoni

MERIA is a project of the:

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MERIA NEWS Volume 10, Issue 2 (February 2006)


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