Richard Melson

October 2005

Nature Magazine

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  1. Monsoons may dry up

  2. Bacteria designed to make new antibiotics

  3. Nanotech transistor powers up

  4. Military exercises 'good for endangered species'

  5. Climate argument solved?

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    Web Focus Senescence: Cells, ageing, and cancer

    Is growing old a good thing? As cells mature they naturally stop dividing and enter a period called senescence. But cellular senescence can also be induced prematurely by certain oncogenes involved in cancer development.

    Four papers in Nature show that, as previously suggested by in vitro studies, oncogene-induced cellular senescence represents a safety mechanism to suppress tumour progression in vivo.

    Cellular senescence also plays a key role in ageing.

    In this web focus, Nature brings together articles on senescence and cancer with key publications in ageing research, including primary research papers, News & Views and a review article.

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    July 2005

  7. Snapshot: Sunlight on an icy martian crater

  8. Common mechanisms of nerve and blood vessel wiring

  9. Genome-wide analysis of human kinases in clathrin- and caveolae/raft-mediated endocytosis

  10. Gene regulation: Expression and silencing coupled

November, 2005