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November 2005

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LATEST ISSUE - November 2005

The more things change...
The rapid turnover of power assets in the US has led to a spate of leveraged financings for new entrants. Meet the new owners – familiar names, familiar management, and often the old lenders. By Tom Nelthorpe.


Cash options
Airtricity – a Eu10 million start-up six years ago – has announced a 2.5 billion investment plan for US and UK wind markets. Andreas Campomar asks Fintan Whelan, Airtricity corporate finance manager, where the funding will come from?

Ten year itch
Sponsors are basking in the lowest offshore margins for Thai power deals in ten years. But after the current refinancing wave, will there be any dollar business left? By Dominic Jones.

Secondary consolidation
With deeper pockets the UK's big three secondary equity funds are ready to push the market boundaries. Is Europe currently a viable market? And is the Treasury creating too much uncertainty? Paul Smith reports.

Aces of bases
Neither high oil prices, nor continued disinterest on the part of majors has yet led to a boom

in North Sea deals. Merger mania, as well as aggressive bank entrants, may change this. Michael Marray reports.

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Project Finance magazine

November 17, 2005