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November 2006

Riyad Bank Tadwaul Index

Riyad Bank Weekly Economic Briefing

Saudi Tadwaul index

Saudi Market Alert

With compliments. This week's commentary, "What's Real in the Dubai Real Estate Market" takes a look at the strengths and key drivers of the Dubai real estate market's stupendous rise in the past three years. Next week, we will look at the weaknesses in the market and what it means for Saudi investors.

Saudi Market Alert:

The Saudi Tadwaul index dropped 534 points today, one of the biggest daily point drops ever. Coming after five days of triple-digit drops, this is beginning to shape up to be a second correction (or crash, if you want) in the Saudi stock market this year. The Tadawul index has been set back to where it was in mid-February 2005. Nine companies hit the 10% daily trading limit (meaning that the drop would have been greater if the limit wasn't there), and 43 companies dropped by over 9%. The biggest losers today included Al Rajhi, Al Bilad, SARCO, Gas&Industrialization, and Qassim cement. Notab;y, the market dropped to a low of 8,613 before a "last-minute" push raised it to 8,793. Potential for further drops exist over the coming days, although, it offers opportunities for bottom-fishers to step in.

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Riyad Bank Weekly Economic Briefing

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Khan Zahid

Sat, 4 Nov 2006