Richard Melson

August 2006

Same Bed,Different Dreams

The BIS (Bank for International Settlements, Basel) is the central bank for central banks.

If you go to the website whose URL you see here below,

you will see some summer of 2006 BIS essays on the global economy.

Go to:

As your eye goes down the screen, you will see essays highlighted in blue and these highlights will give you the sense that these BIS analyses are at the "trisection" of:

1. Central bank and finance ministry policies that try to be in tune with globalization today.

2. Islamic finance and banking.

3. Third World development economics.

One thrust of this CFG website is to claim that this trisection is not there by accident,

even though the individual authors of the essays do not integrate the three "avenues" that make up the trisection.

When leadership groups in the world glimpse the fact that there is a CFG-type structure that underlies these essays of the BIS, the world will begin to enter a "post-Zionist epoch."

The relationship of America to Israel will then enter a "same bed, different dreams" phase, as depicted in Chinese characters below below:

Same bed, different dreams as a concept

communicates the idea of a deeper-level fissure or hard-to-see forking path in an alliance.

The neo-cons and Zionists always seem in a state of agitated and random hysterical violence because they sense this eventuality in a totally inchoate and garbled way, since they are "foxy" in a malign way but not in the know ultimately.

Same Bed, Different Dreams Applied to World Politics

August 25, 2006