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March 2006




Volume 16, No. 2

March-April 2006

The March-April 2006 Report on Israeli Settlement

in the Occupied Territories is now available.

It can be viewed online or in PDF format.


Evacuation of Additional Settlements on Olmert's Agenda

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was keenly aware that the execution of Israel’s "disengagement" from the Gaza Strip and a portion of the northern West Bank was critical if Israel is to continue to dominate the diplomatic playing field and maximize its security and settlement interests in the occupied territories.

To Our Readers

In this Report, Jeff Aronson describes the new IDF strategy that, if implemented, abandons forty years of doctrine that settlements are vital to Israel’s security. This is a historic watershed that, logically, should help speed the end of the ill-fated settlement adventure.

How Much do Settlements Cost?

Yediot Aharonot, February 3, 2006

Settlement Timeline

Short Takes

The YESHA Council has come up with its own "Peace Israel" plan. This plan proposes to annex 60 percent of the West Bank and to grant Israeli citizenship to 300,000 West Bank Palestinians.

Abu Mazen Opens Palestinian Parliament

I address myself to the Israelis, especially that they are on the verge of parliamentary elections. I guarantee to them that the path to security can only pass through a just peace. We are confident that there is no military solution to the conflict. Negotiations between us as equal partners should put a long-due end to the cycle of violence.

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Statistics: How Much Do Settlements Cost?

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