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March 2006

Israel Strategic Assessment

Volume 8, No. 3 November 2005

Post Disengagement Insights:

Dear Subscriber,

The newest issue of Strategic Assessment,

now available online, includes two sections.

The first part opens with four articles that explore current

subjects on Israel's national security agenda:

Israel and the Middle East, 2005: A Strategic Overview,

by Maj. Gen. Aharon Ze'evi (Farkash)

Iran's Efforts to Conquer Space,

by Yiftah Shapir

Iran's Nuclear Program and Negotiations with the EU-3,

by Emily Landau and Ephraim Asculai

The Defense Budget Debate, Yet Once More,

by Imri Tov

The second part of this issue, devoted to post-disengagement issues, includes:

Domestic Effects of the Disengagement, by Meir Elran

The Post-Disengagement Anguish, by Yehuda Ben Meir

The Disengagement Price Tag, by Imri Tov

The Disengagement and Israel's Media Strategy, by Hirsh Goodman

The Military and Security Implications of Israel's Disengagement from the Gaza Strip, by Moshe Sharvit

The Egyptians at Philadelphi: Regional Interests, Local Challenges, by Ayellet Yehiav

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New Issue of Strategic Assessment

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