Richard Melson

June 2006

Tarshish Foundation Israel

We have heard this phrase many times, in churches or on television.

Have we ever stopped a moment to ask ourselves what it means?

Is it a political phrase or a Biblical one? Do we actually know what it means?

For many years, millions of Christians have supported Israel with love and spiritual devotion, with unfailing faith and eternal love in Jesus.

Christians' goodwill towards and love for Israel grows from belief in the scriptures of the New Testament which teaches about God's Covenant with the people of Israel and the uniqueness of this people at being God's Chosen People.

The Bible teaches us about God's promise to Abraham "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." (Gen 12:3).

God promised that whoever blessed His people would in turn be blessed.

In addition, in the New Testament we read that Yeshua wanted to bring change in the way Jews thought of God and the manner they worshipped Him. He wanted to create a new covenant for the Jews and the whole world.

In the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament we learn the meaning of supporting Israel both materialistically and spiritually.

Today, the people of Israel welcome with love the economic support they receive from Christians in Israel.

Unfortunately, the people of Israel do not accept the spiritual support offered by Christians. Is this an honest relationship? Is this to be called a relationship at all?

The relationship between Christians and Jews cannot be one-sided. Support must be given by both sides. Christians support Israel and Jews must support and welcome Christians as well.

Christians wish to bring the Gospel to the Jewish nation. Christians wish to embrace the Chosen People and show their love, and such an opportunity must be offered. Christians wish to bring the Gospel to Israel as an integral part of their faith in the Coming of the Messiah at the Gates of Jerusalem and of their support for Israel.

We, of the Jewish nation, must accept the spiritual support Christians give to Israel, just as we welcome their economic support. If our own faith is real, then we have nothing to fear from Christian spirituality; on the contrary, our own faith in God can only be strengthened through this union.

Allowing Christians and Jews to unite is important. Brotherhood and true love between Christians and Jews is important and so is leaning upon true respect for God and His Messiah and not depend upon material interests or empty political speeches.

To build a relationship with friends and others based primarily on money and donations cannot be called a relationship!

A relationship is based on mutual respect, not on deceit or politics. A relationship is based on the support and help one gives another's work; it means being there for the other when needed; it is a give and take, to share the Jewish heritage with Christians and the Christian heritage with the Jewish people. It involves the creation of unity of ideas concerning God and His Messiah and the encouragement of religious openness between Christians and Jews. This is the true meaning of the phrase "a relationship between Christians and Jews."

This is the work of our Foundation. Our aim is to build a true relationship between Christians and Jews; a relationship based first on spirituality, brotherhood and togetherness in prayer to the God of Israel, each one according to his belief and understanding. We respect and accept Christian spiritual support of Israel and we acknowledge its importance.

Today, more than ever, Israel needs spiritual support and many prayers, for without it, the people of Israel will lose its right to this Land; therefore, we must accept with open arms any help or assistance offered by our Christian brothers around the world. We must accept the prayers of Christian Bible Believers; we must accept spiritual and materialistic support as one, without division. We must help them bring their message to Israel, bless them and love them in return with great love and real faith that we belong to the same Father in Heaven. We must all unite and be ready for the Coming of the One Messiah.

Ronny Levy

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Sunday, June 4, 2006