Richard Melson

August 2006

CFG Website Explanation

The basic viewpoint of this website,,

is that we are going through a changing relationship between the West and the Third World which will lead ultimately to a post-Zionist new world order.

Neo-cons and Zionists have gone into hysterical violence because they sense this historical reconfiguration could mean that their "girlfriend" America, leader of the West and the world, could wind up with a new boyfriend, the Third World. 

This is for them a kind of "nightmare globalization" scenario.

Neo-con Zionist rage and hyperviolent reactions stem from the inchoate intuition that this globalization pathway could lead to a "re-stratification" outcome where the West and the Muslims find themselves in a Third World / West alliance, as outlined by this website.

Hysterical violence of the neo-con Zionist type is always a clue as to the future,

a kind of unintended structural "giveaway" or "straw in the wind."

It is with this historical backdrop in mind, that the home page of the Cambridge Forecast Group website features these exact words shown as follows:

The West & the Third World

Muslims & Jews in the World-System

Economic & Corporate Data