Richard Melson

March 2005


Sikkuy's Offices:

17 Hameshoreret Rachel St.
Jerusalem 96348
Tel: 972-2-6541225
Fax: 972-2-6541108

POB. 99650
Hatzionot 10
Haifa 31996
Tel: 972-4-8523188
Fax: 972-4-8523065

The Sikkuy Reports:

Monitoring Civic Equality Between Arab and Jewish Citizens of Israel OVERVIEW: A widely disributed annual report monitoring government budgetary and resources allocations to Jewish and Arab citizens.

Sikkuy's founding project is the annual publication and distribution of The Sikkuy Report. The report is a comprehensive examination of the extent to which government budgets, resource allocation and policy reflect the principle of equality between Arab and Jewish citizens.
The report focuses on: Government ministry's budgets and allocations to Arab citizens
Land resources and regional planning
Municipal governments
Education system and community development
Employment in the public and private sectors
Health and Social Welfare
Industrial and commercial development
The power to change the reality in Israel is the hands of the government. However, the power to change the government's policy is in the hands of the citizens. The Sikkuy Report is a vital tool in the effort to implement the Or Commission recommendations for full equality between Jewish and Arab citizens.A major effort to publicize the report (published in Arabic, English and Hebrew) is made upon its release, particularly in the mass media. This includes a press conference, field-trips for journalists, and op-ed articles by the report's authors. Thousands of print copies are sent to government agencies, government ministers and members of Knesset, journalists, diplomats, NGOs, academic libraries etc. The reports are posted on Sikkuy's web site and are an often-quoted resource both in Israel and abroad.
EXISTING FUNDING: The Landa Foundation
FUNDING NEEDS: $100,000/year for research, publicity, distribution abroad and the publication of additional reports during the course of the year by sector, region and topic. For further information:

The Sikkuy Report 2003-2004
The Sikkuy Report 2003
The Sikkuy Report 2002
"The Four Billion Shekel Plan" - a road to continued and intensified discrimination
A highly touted "four billion shekel" development plan to boost Arab communities out of neglect and into parity largely turns out to be classic bureaucratic sleight-of-hand.
Misgav 2001
A special regional report on the gaps between Arabs and Jews in the Misgav area (Western Galilee), put together by Sikkuy in Misgav, a Civic Action Group working for civic equality in their region
2000- 2001
quality and Integration of Arab citizens: Governmental development plan; fair representation in governmental institutions; the 5 year plan for Arab education
1999- 2000
report detailing 35 cases of structural discrimination against Arab citizens, divided by government office