Richard Melson

October 2006

Islamophobia Entrepreneurs

Understanding the Threat
of Radical Islamist Terrorism

A Symposium: Second in a Nationwide Series

Las Vegas, Nevada
November 10th & 11th, 2006

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America's Truth Forum, in association with Basics Project (a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) research and education initiative) presents a symposium titled, Understanding the Threat of Radical Islamist Terrorism on November 10th and 11th, 2006 at the Sahara Hotel and Las Vegas Hilton respectively, in Las Vegas Nevada.

Tickets and/or reservations must be acquired by October 27th, 2006.

The event is the second in a nationwide series addressing the threat posed by radical Islamist terrorism. The first event, which took place in Washington DC this past April was considered an overwhelming and unprecedented success, not only by those who attended but by the vast majority of the experts who participated. Click here for a summary of the event.

Friday, November 10th, 2006
Opening Ceremonies & Dinner Reception

Golden Room, Sahara Hotel & Casino [map]
2535 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Arrival Time (as mandated for security protocol): 6:00pm
Program Commencement: 7:00pm
Ticket Price:
$109.00* per person

On Friday evening our two-day event will commence with opening statements by the following speakers, followed by cocktails and dinner:

R. James Woolsey - Vice President for Booz Allen Hamilton and former Director of the CIA from 1993 to 1995. Mr. Woolsey served as Chairman of Freedom House and as a Trustee for the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Joe Kaufman - Chairman of Americans Against Hate. He is also an investigative journalist for Frontpage Magazine, the host of The Politics of Terrorism radio show. Joe has been featured on Fox News and has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio talk sh

Laura Mansfield - Author and counter-terror analyst. She uses her knowledge of the Arabic language and of Islamic culture and history to investigate jihad and jihadis both in the US and throughout the world.

Additional speakers to be announced
Saturday, November 11th, 2006
Symposium: Understanding the Threat of Radical Islamist Terrorism
Lunch Included

Las Vegas Hilton Hotel & Casino [map]
3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

Arrival Time (as mandated for security protocol): 7:30am
Program Commencement: 8:45am
Anticipated End Time: 5:45pm
Ticket Price:
$150.00* per person

On Saturday morning our two-day event will continue with the main event featuring the following speakers, including lunch:

Hamid Mir - The only journalist to have met with Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahri since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In 1997 he joined Daily Ausaf Islamabad as Founding Editor. He spent ten days in the Eastern part of Afghanistan and investigated the great escape of Osama bin Ladin from Tora Bora mountains in December 2001. He joined GEO TV as Editor Northern Region in 2002 and has hosted Capital Talk a political talk show in which all the top Pakistani politicians from the government and opposition have appeared from November 2002 onwards. He is currently writing a biography of Osama bin Ladin as well as a weekly column in Daily Jang and The News.

Harvey Kushner, PhD - Noted author, lecturer, professor and internationally recognized authority on terrorism. Dr. Kushner has advised and provided training to numerous government agencies, including the FBI, FAA, INS, and U.S. Customs.

Robert Spencer - Director of Jihad Watch, a writer and researcher who has studied Islam for more than twenty years. He is an Adjunct Fellow with the Free Congress Foundation and has written a selection of critically acclaimed books on the subject of Islam including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).onfirme

d Walid Shoebat - As a former member of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Mr. Shoebat participated in acts of terror and violence against Israel, and was later imprisoned in the Russian Compound, Jerusalem's central prison for incitement and violence against Israel. He has since had an epiphany as to the evils of radical Islam and has become an advocate for his former enemy.

Bruce Tefft, PhD - A 21 year veteran of the CIA, including 17 years abroad, and founding member of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center in 1985, Mr. Tefft has accumulated over 30 years experience in foreign affairs, intelligence, security operations and counter-terrorism.

Paul Williams, PhD - Journalist and author of Al Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime, and the Coming Apocalypse and Osama's Revenge: The Next 9/11: What the Media and the Government Haven't Told You. He has served as a consultant for the FBI, as well as an adjunct professor of humanities at the University of Scranton.

d Dr. Wafa Sultan - a secular Syrian-American psychiatrist who lives in Los Angeles, Dr. Sultan has become notable since the September 11, 2001 attacks for her participation in Middle East political debates, with Arabic essays that circulated widely and some television appearances on Al-Jazeera and CNN. Her thesis, described as witnessing "a battle between modernity and barbarism which Islam will lose", has brought her telephone threats, but also praise from reformers. Her comments, especially a pointed criticism that "no Jew has blown himself up in a German restaurant", brought her an invitation to Tel Aviv, Israel by the American Jewish Congress.

Additional speakers to be announced

Honorable Guests: Atty. John O'Neill, Capt. Larry Bailey, USN (ret.) & syndicated columnist & talk show host Arlene Peck.

The topics addressed included:

The mindset of Islamic terrorism from a reformed PLO terrorist

al Qaeda’s plans for future attacks against Americans on US soil including an "American Hiroshima"

"Dhimmitude" and the uniquely Islamic institution of jihad

Terrorist recruitment in the United States

The nuclear crisis with Iran as well as Iran’s military capabilities in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz.

Analysis of the Jihadi ideology, strategies and movements goes back to the early 1980s

Understanding the threat posed by radical Islam

Effective counter-terrorism

The threat posed to world peace and national security by the ideology of radical Islam

The West’s misidentification of the challenges faced from the global jihad

A critique of the government’s performance on its prosecution of the War on Terror

Terrorist indoctrination on the campuses of US Universities

We provide a link to which has a comprehensive listing of hotels in the Las Vegas area. Rooms prices start at $35.95 per night.

* - A portion of the ticket price is tax deductible.

America's Truth Forum is a non-partisan, fact-based organization whose mission is to educate the American people on controversial topics of national security. Our primary objective is to disseminate critical information that is not readily available, via conventional channels, to concerned citizens.

Jeffrey Epstein - Founder & President
Jeffrey M. Epstein is the founder and President of America’s Truth Forum.
He accumulated over thirty-five years experience in mortgage banking, marketing and business management. Mr. Epstein was promoted to Senior Vice President of the nation’s largest portfolio-lending institution (a $40 billion savings bank) after his initiation of an FBI/OTS fraud investigation that led to the conviction and incarceration of several real estate professionals for their roles in committing mortgage fraud.

Mr. Epstein is civically active on the state, national and international levels. His organization (America’s Truth Forum) took the lead in producing the first-ever and critically acclaimed symposium on the threat of radical Islamist terrorism in Washington, DC. During the most recent presidential election cycle, Mr. Epstein served as Media Relations director for a 527 political action committee that successfully organized a major advocates rally in Washington DC.

Mr. Epstein has been featured on Fox & Friends and has appeared on numerous local and national television and radio talk shows.

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? America’s Truth Forum, in association with Basics Project, produces educational symposiums across the country which provide the public, as well as government agencies, with the opportunity to gather first-hand, fact-based knowledge from internationally renowned experts, researchers, authors and operatives on the subject of the threat of global terrorism.

? America’s Truth Forum, in association with Basics Project and Brandybrook Productions, produces educational documentaries based on the content of our symposiums. These documentaries are available to the public and can be donated by private citizens through their donations to their local first responder organizations as training aids and informational resources.

Last Best Chance is a docudrama that shows the threat posed by vulnerable nuclear weapons and materials around the world and underscores what the stakes are. In the movie, al Qaeda operatives organize three separate operations aimed at getting nuclear weapons. The material is then fabricated into three crude nuclear weapons by small groups of trained terrorists, who have recruited bomb-making experts to help them manufacture their weapons. Governments around the world discover clues to the plot, but are unable to uncover the scheme before the weapons are en route to their destinations. The film clearly demonstrates that the hardest job for terrorists is gaining control of a nuclear weapon or material. Because the governments had failed to take sufficient action to secure or destroy the nuclear weapons material, they are helpless to prevent an attack. The film stars Fred Thompson and features an epilogue moderated by Tom Brokaw. The film is free. Click here to order.

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