Richard Melson

June 2006

Israel’s Global Disruption Strategies

The basic neo-con/Zionist strategy is as follows:

  1. try to bring about a global clash of civilizations with Arabs and Muslims as target and try to thus sink all the globalist "talk."

  2. Utilize American blindness to wirepull a war in Iraq, Iran, Syria and try to destabilize Saudi Arabia.

  3. (see the image at top of this page which captures phase one of this "momentum.")

    Iraq is an ideal ehtno-political "sweet spot" for this neo-con/Israel project because Shii-Sunni tensions will spill over into the entire Middle East and bring about ethno-violence and many civil and regional wars.

  4. try to foment a civil war in Gaza and the Palestinian territories by the use of Israeli "agents provacateurs" and "false flag operations" including assassinations and murders such as have been used in Lebanon and Iraq in recent months and years and going back decades (Lavon Affair in the fifties).

Thus a global civil war between a Christian West and a Muslim Third world on the macro level and a Hamas/Fatah civil war in Palestine would be a perfect neo-con/Zionist "engineered" storm. Wrap this strife in a planned Shii-Sunni violent rift throughout the Middle East and one can perhaps cause a large-scale collapse and disintegration with Israel picking up the pieces.

The "demographic leg" of this strategy is to cause Jewish/Muslim strife in Paris and France and scare the French Jews into settling in the territories in Palestine and thus "kill the Arab demography card" and force the Arabs and Palestinians and the world to accept the bantustan for Palestine that Sharon/Olmert always had in mind from the beginning

(when they broke with the "Jordan is Palestine" expulsionists like the pre-Kadima Likud, a la Netanyahu and his Moledet friends.)

The main instruments in this "Lebensraum"/deception/murder strategy are:

  1. always give America a fig-leaf or the shadow of a fig-leaf to hide behind and the Bushes and Condi Rices, governed by acute political and carrier "Ziono-fear" will always yield to any Israeli crime and also support Israel with planes and dollars and UN Votes and so on.
  2. (hence the creation of Kadima to use a bantustan approach to keep America happy)

  3. show America that Israel is unpredictable and uncontrollable so that Washington becomes disoriented and "exhausted" via Israeli legerdemain and wiliness and trickiness and simply gives Israel carte blanche.

  4. (Sharon expressly defied Bush on Jenin Camp years ago in order to "break"/"break in" Bush early, show him "who's boss" right away and quickly and crush any Colin Powell-type moves in advance)

  5. use a welter of squads, units, brigades, commandos, hit teams in the territories to force Palestinians into their bantustan-prison.

What nobody in the West wants to say clearly is that this is a South Africa/1950s kind of Judeo-Nazism/Zio-Nazism which has its roots in Jabotinskyite ideology.

(Olmert is a Jabotinsky follower).

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July 24, 2006