Richard Melson

June 2006

NATIV Israel

Dear Friends,

The latest issue of NATIV (May) is now available featuring articles by:

Dov Levin, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Pawel Reszka, Dan Doulard, David Shiek, Ofira Seliktar, Avraham Gur, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Arieh Eldad, Menashe Harel, Daniel Shalit, Steven Plaut and more...

Also in this issue: Book Reviews and the Literature and Art Supplement

Additional information about the contents of this issue, can be found at:

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ACPR – Ariel Center for Policy Research

Arieh Stav, Director

Leah Kochanowitz, Director of Publishing

POB 830, Shaarei Tikva 44810 ISRAEL

Tel: 972-3906-3920 Fax: 972-3906-3905



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New Issue of NATIV is available

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Sun, 11 Jun 2006